In part 5 we discussed consistency, and you know from part 4 of this mini series that proper training is important if you are to get the results.

If you read part 1, part 2, and part 3, you’ll also know the first reason you aren’t getting results in the gym is because you aren’t progressing your workouts, the second is that you aren’t tracking your progress, and the third is that your nutrition isn’t dialed in.

Reason number 6 is that you’re training too little or too much.

Training frequency plays a big role in the results we see and getting it right is important.

With that said, it’s not too difficult to find the right balance on this one.

If you go to the gym once a week, let’s be honest, you’re not going to get the results you want to see. Even twice a week isn’t going to make a major difference. For me the magic number has and always will be three or more sessions a week, between
45 minutes to an hour. Those three sessions make up less than 2% of your week, so there really is no excuse.

On the flip side, training too often can have a negative impact on the results you see. We call this overtraining and whilst it’s normally something associated with weight training, it can hit anybody regardless of how or what they train.

It occurs when the amount of rest and recovery we are getting is simply not enough to deal with the volume of training that is taking place.

Keep in mind our rest time is when our body changes and grows stronger, so if we don’t give it time to do that, overtraining can happen and the results will stop showing.

Because everyone is different, it is hard to say how much is too much. But listen to your body, and know when things don’t feel right. If you constantly feel tired, sore and aren’t making much progress, there is a strong chance you could be overtraining

Need help with your your fitness or nutrition goals? You might like to consider an online nutritionist and personal trainer. Alternatively take a look at reason number number 7 of why you aren’t getting the results you want which you can read here!

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