Work and life often gets prioritised over healthy habits, and so motivation for weight loss can diminish. Before you know it you’re feeling sluggish. You know what you should be doing, but now you’re feeling the effects of putting yourself last for a few years.

Perhaps you suddenly felt winded when running for a bus, or you worry that you’re not the best role model for your children, then you’re certainly not alone.

And here’s the thing.

There’s never been a time where information is so freely available to us – for free and on demand. The fact is that you probably have a good idea how to improve your health and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The problem is that actually doing what you know you should be doing is sometimes more challenging, unless you have some fundamental skills in place.

Perhaps you just don’t want it enough. You might have heard others say things like ‘you love work more than you love being lean and healthy’.

I disagree.

Health is important to you.

It can be life changing, and being unhappy with your current self is uncomfortable.

Here’s the reality. You have a skills deficit. You have an abundance of ‘wanting’ to be your best, healthy, fit, and lose weight. There is no shortage in terms of trying. The shortfall comes in the shape of a skills deficit.

For something to change you need to make a change.

The trouble is, we’re really good at making changes. For example we start new diet plans several times per year. And we begin to lose weight each time, before the weight piles back on again.

For long term success you need to be ready, willing and able to do whatever it is that you are doing if you want to stick with it.

I can teach you the skills you need to be able to maintain your healthy habits forever, even when work piles up and life throws curve-balls at you.

If you’re ready to improve your health, nutrition and lifestyle and you’d appreciate some support in doing so, you can learn more about coaching here and you’re welcome to request a discover call here.

Hope this helps,


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