March 2

5 Winning Habits


These five powerful habits will transform your health, performance and body composition.

What are the 5 habits?

1. Eat slowly and until 80% full.
2. Include a at least 1x palm size portion of protein at each meal.
3. Ask ”where are the vegetables?
4. Ask ”where are the carbs coming from?
5. Ask ” Where are the fats coming from?

Watch the video for more details on why each habit is helpful, and if you practice each one consistently, they will have a huge positive impact on your health and your life.

And just so you know, I believe you can achieve success in your health, fitness, career and relationships in a way that is unique to you.  I help busy professionals achieve and maintain their best health without complicated diets or crazy long workouts. 

If you’re interested in working with an online personal trainer, I’ve created a comprehensive programme that will help you.

Taking the home study programme under the guidance of an online online nutrition and fitness coach can give you the confidence to know you’re following a proven curriculum that gets results.

If you feel you need to work 1:1 with an online weight loss coach, I can also help you with my personal coaching programme that will help you stay accountable and get better results than working on your own. 


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