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Forget about complicated restrictive diets and awkward workouts. Start making easy changes that you know will lead you to your best health. Learn more and join below:

Are you making your health a priority?

If you notice your healthy habits getting squeezed, you're not alone. The great news is that you can have it all. I've helped hundreds of busy professionals to lose weight, have more energy, increase confidence, manage stress, find time to exercise and feel good about putting themselves first. I can help you if you:

You feel stressed

You’re prone to feeling stressed or depressed more regularly and want to get back to your previous laid back and happy self.

Have no time for yourself

You have little time for exercise because meetings and workload spill over – especially with a young family or other commitments.

You put yourself last

You feel guilty about putting yourself first, you spend holidays recovering or ill, and all you do is work and look after others before yourself.

Kind words from some members

Naomi B

Finance Professional

"The most effective and life-changing health experience I’ve had."

Naomi Weight Loss Coaching Client

Jeremy R


" I have learnt that 'imperfect action' does work..."

Are you ready to achieve and maintain your best health and fitness?

Many of us make a choice - health OR career. As a result, we often end up gaining weight, lacking energy, becoming stressed and generally discontent with 'how things are'. 

I set up the busy professional's health and fitness club so you can work with an online nutrition and fitness coach. Achieving success in your health and fitness, while simultaneously augmenting your career and relationships is possible.

Lose weight

Even if you have always found it difficult to stick to a diet and find it even more challenging when tired or stressed and tend to rely on sugary food and snacks.

Have more energy

Even if you are constantly tired from all of life’s demands, too tired to exercise and eat well, and relying on convenience food.

Gain confidence

Even if you experience feelings of self doubt due to the ever increasing levels of expectation.

I'm ready to beieve in you. 

We’re all in this together. Like all of us I’ve had my fair share of challenges that try to distract me from my own fitness, career and family goals.

I've put my health last as busy teacher in the mid 2000s, and I've messed up the balance between family, health and work life.

Having once been very fit, lean and competitive, I gained a lot of weight, suffered from stress, self doubt and imposter syndrome, and I've grown through these experiences.

And now I'm walking the talk, balancing being a business owner and dad of three with my own health and fitness goals. I don't claim to get it right all the time, but my mistakes certainly make me a better coach, not least because I'm with you on the journey.

I've made it my mission to be the best nutrition and fitness coach for the people I truly understand. If you're still reading, that's you.

If you resonate with this, and you're ready to achieve and maintain your health and fitness, then I invite you to join me on the journey.

Time for a new approach?

I get it. Maybe you've tried dieting and after initial success you've ended back where you started. Maybe you've been told or began to accept it's just how you are. That it's your genetics, your thyroid, your age, your gender or your situation.

I encourage you to challenge yourself and your beliefs. How much do you think you can improve yourself over the next 12 months?

Maybe you're currently experiencing guilt surrounding food, or you feel deprived because you always seem to be dieting.

Maybe you're overweight, or you lack energy, even though you feel like you barely eat.

Maybe you're lacking confidence in yourself, in your food preparation and when it comes to which piece of conflicting 'diet' advice you should be taking.

Maybe you recently skipped a proper meal or declined extra vegetables only to find yourself over-eating later in the day, or thinking incessantly about food, peering into the cupboards or the fridge and in the end opting for unhealthy comfort foods.

Whatever your reason, my mission is to get you a place of confidence, where you know you're making great lifestyle choices - even without thinking about them.

You'll be guilt free, and liberated from restrictive diets of the past. If you really want to become healthy, lean and full of energy this programme is for you and I am committed to your success.

A practice based curriculum works

Just like any other curriculum (such as learning maths), we must start at the beginning.

When learning maths, we must learn what numbers are, then how to count, then how
to add and subtract them, and so on… before we can start doing calculus or algebra.

In the same way, this curriculum ensures that you start with the fundamental skills you need to get and stay healthy, fit, and active.

Even if you feel “advanced” you'll benefit from refreshing the fundamentals in order to do them consistently. 

My most successful members humbly adopt a beginner's mindset, and start at the beginning. Consistently practicing the basics well before moving on to more advanced practices.

If you're willing to take this approach, you'll soon progress and become more confident at doing the skills.

Even if you want to become an elite performer, with a solid curriculum and learning progression, you'll never lose those basics.

People almost never change just because they get “information”.

After all… we all know smoking is bad, getting lots of sleep is good, and we should all wear our seatbelts, right?

So how come everyone isn’t a well-rested, seatbelt-wearing nonsmoker?

Habit-based coaching in general is a great start, and it’s a great approach.
But it’s not a plan.

I offer you the missing link that helps you bridge the gap between knowledge and action which gets results.

A quick look inside the club

Watch the quick video below to see what to expect once you join the Busy Professional's Fitness Club. 

Member experiences

What are members saying?

Women's Weight Loss Program

I love the habits, and in general liked the approach of only making changes that I’m confident I can keep up forever.

These new habits are really effective and have inspired me to plan to lose a significant amount of weight. 

The program can be as easy as you want it to be, and has the potential to be a real turning point in personal fitness.

Jenny S

Finance professional

started working with Nico due to a need to instill a more healthy and exercise regular routine to both lose weight, feel stronger.

The result has been great, through a thorough and progressive programme I have lost bad habits and gain a routine that has allowed me to reach my weight target, feel fitter, and slot in exercise in my daily routine.

Jerome O



I gained some weight back during the Covid qurantine times and decided I was looking for something more personal than an app. I was skeptical of an online approach, but open to it and I was really impressed by the initial call.

I have lost roughly 7% of my weight in the last 3 months, built quite a few new habits, imrpoved my overall relationship with food and increased my physical activiy. Overall I’d say that with Nico’s help I have taken more action in the last 3 months than the previous year or two.

Jan K

IT Professional

Online Personal Training Client

have been working with Nico for the last few months.

Nico has managed to push me further than I would ever have done myself and I have found that what I thought were my limits definitely weren’t!

The workouts, cardio and resistance exercises have been very hard work but so rewarding.

Most importantly for me, with Nico’s support and motivation I have not only lost weight and centimeters but have kept it off!

Amy T

Medical Professional

The Time Will Never Be Right

What might happen when you invest in your health today?

The truth is there will never be a right time to start any goal in your life. Think about it, when will you have a clear run of 12 weeks, uninterrupted, perfect to focus on getting lean, fit and confident? Never.

This programme is based on taking imperfect action, building habits that are ‘doable’ yet powerful, and working on a minimum effective dose principle.

You’re right, you don’t have time or inclination for the ‘perfect, nutrition and workout plan’. And if you wait for this you’ll still be were you are today – plus some – in a decade. 

It’s understandable why you might think what you need is the perfect plan. After all, society has taught us this.

That’s not what you need though. You just want to feel confident in a slim fit shirt or your favourite dress. Or be happy to take your top off at the swimming pool. Or walk with confidene and energy at work.

I can help you make significant progress towards your goal with little time commitment, by developing simple doable habits that you can stick to. In the end I’ll help you get and stay fit, lean and confident.

Join if you're serious about achieving and maintaining long term health and fitness goals.

Members Benefits

  • PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION: Your comprehensive solution to achieving and maintaining your best health.
  • LOSE WEIGHT: Even if you feel you've tried it all before.
  • MORE ENERGY: Even if you work long hours and become reliant on sugary snacks ar your desk.
  • INCREASE CONFIDENCE: Even if you have self doubt and ever increasing expectations from others.
  • BONUSES and savings: Worth £597

Delivered By Professionals For Professionals

Join today to get support from your online nutrition and fitness coach straight away...

I have just achieved my goal, which was to complete my first triathlon! I felt really scared when I first entered it, but now I have much more confidence!

When I started training with Nico I could not swim a single length of the pool but now I can complete the whole swim easily! I used to feel that running was my weakest discipline but I have seen it improving. I can run further and faster than before, and on the bike, I can keep up with others – my cycling has improved massively!

Alison B

HR Professional

I had been halfheartedly exercising for the last few years until I discovered personal trainer Nico Valla.

Over the last few months he has given me the inspiration and motivation to get fit and eat and feel well. 

His sport and nutrition knowledge is also excellent so he’s helped me with my diet too! If you need motivation I would highly recommend Nico!

Antonia B

Medical Professional

I have not had a single migraine since I started…

I am sleeping so much better and have found the wonders of the early morning tranquillity and it is amazing…

I never thought I would be able to run as I have done, and although I lacked self-confidence I have had the fab support knowledge and company of my PT… But without realising it I have achieved so much.

Kat F

Health Professional

Nico has taught me the importance of other types of training to facilitate and enhance my performance.

The training sessions are extremely varied, enjoyable and motivational and I completed my first 10k race last weekend with a PB time and finished in the top 15%. Thanks Nico!

Tamsyn F

Scientific Writer

There are times in your life when you need help, not because you’re weak or helpless, but because you just don’t quite know how to identify or tap your own strength.

I stumbled over Nico, online, at such a time in my life, two and a half years ago. I felt a need to take control, and googled ‘life coach’.

Nico’s details popped up and within minutes we were chatting online about what I needed and how he could help.

Over the course of the next 12 months I went from 16 stone to 11, signed up for, and regularly participated in, my local Parkrun, and learned some truly valuable life-hacks.

Nico taught me how to make good choices, adopt great habits, and how to make myself accountable to me.

18 months later, the weight is still off, and I catch myself recalling Nico’s advice and sharing it with friends and family - this was a truly life-changing experience for me.

If you’re ready to take control but need someone to show you the way, I wholeheartedly recommend Nico to you.

Naomi B

I have been training with Nico to improve my general fitness… He designed me an online personal training program to follow and described in detail all of the exercises.

Working with Nico has been a great help, keeping me motivated and interested. Having used gym’s in the past, I have struggled to see changes, but with online personal training I have got results quickly – the results that I wanted.

With Nico’s help and support I believe I will reach my ultimate goal. Cheers Nico!

William L

I started working with Nico due to a need to instill a more healthy and exercise regular routine to both lose weight, feel stronger.

The aim was to enable me to continue doing what I love at 50plus: skiing, regular running races with friends and family ...

The result has been great, through a thorough and progressive programme I have lost bad habits and gain a routine that has allowed me
to reach my weight target, feel fitter, and slot in exercise in my daily routine.

Nico was always available for support, advice and to adapt the routine as needed. What makes a difference is the holistic approach of combining healthy eating habits with exercise routines. As a result I now better understand and appreciate how to naturally appreciate how and when to eat (or not!).

I would highly recommend Nico to anyone needing to build a programme to achieve a target fitness level and wanting to better understand how to make this sustainable over time through changing a few but critical habits.

Thanks Nico!

Jerome O

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  • MISSION 3: Movement
  • BONUSES and savings: Worth £597

100% Results guarantee

I'm fully committed to your success.

My promise to you is simple: apply the course as it is designed and intended to deliver you the best results possible. I guarantee you’ll look and feel better if you can honestly say you adhered to 90% of the programme or I’ll refund your entire investment.