February 22

Unwanted Weight Gain?


This person has lost weight time and time again.

What’s important to acknowledge is that they are not a ‘failure’ and in fact this pattern of weight gain over the course of five years is not their fault.

The pattern of weight gain, followed by weight loss and further weight gain is a frustrating cycle that so many professionals are trapped in. 

The most frustrating part is that society is set up in such a way that the person in question ends up blaming themselves!

While this pattern is not uncommon, seeing it on paper as in the video, and noticing the pattern is powerful. It tells the person that:

  1. They are tenacious and this goal is important to them. They have tried time and again to lose weight. And they are experts at losing weight.
  2. What they are currently doing is not working in the long term. They are experts at losing weight but when it comes to long term success they are struggling.
  3. If they take the same approach again, the same will happen. And next year they will be a few kg heavier and closer to pre diabetes, or another ”wake up call”.
  4. It is time for an ”opposite” approach. This person has fallen into the trap of lifestyle overhauls, crash diets, products, pills, methods and so on. The latest big promise. And now because of all the ”social proof” they see, they conclude that they are to blame. The fact is that it is NOT them that is to blame. The process they took was the problem, creating too much overwhelm, discomfort or inconvenience for the ”dieter” to want to do forever. Now they know this, they can start the real work.

 This person is open to a change in approach. One that is not in the least bit glam and will never sell to the masses, but has been shown time and time again to be effective. All while eliminating discomfort, maximizing satisfaction and minimizing overwhelm.

If you notice that you have had a similar experience in the past 5-10 years as the one outlined above, then I would love to help you. I believe you can achieve success in your health, fitness, career and relationships in a way that is unique to you.

So I’ve created the comprehensive 7 step New Leader Game Plan that helps professional men who lack confidence in their health, to become the new leaders of their health and their life. 

If you’re serious about achieving long term change once and for all, then I would love for you to apply for a game plan call with me. I will personally walk you through the seven steps, and if we’re a great fit to work together I’ll show you how you can become part of the program.

Apply for my 28 day New Leader Challenge here


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