GAS is what you are suffering from if you have stopped seeing weight loss results, muscle gain or fitness increases. General adaptive syndrome, GAS, brings us the dreaded plateau, and is the reason why most gym users quit after 4 weeks.

It is the point where you begin to have feelings of monotony, boredom, sluggishness, and most importantly your weight stops dropping, your inches stop shedding and your body stops adapting to the demands of your fitness regime.

Welcome to part 5 of 6: The worst things to do if you want to improve your health, performance and body composition.


Mistake Number 5: Doing The Same Routines, Week In Week Out.


The answer and remedy is simple – mix it up!


Your body is very clever, and since you began stressing it to get your initial weight loss or muscle gain, it has adapted, become fitter, leaner, more toned and now is not challenged by the workout it once was.

Change your workout and your results will come. Keep changing your regime for the most effective weight loss results, since this really is how get long-term consistency.


Next Steps For You


There are several ways to mix up your exercise. Using the FITT principle to avoid the dreaded plateau and make your journey to reach your goal both more rewarding and more likely to be successful.

I also recommend that you follow a progressive periodised training plan, and that you keep a log of your progress. If you stop getting results, make a change.

If you have any questions regarding this or you want to share your training routines, or if you are struggling for inspiration please do ask your questions and share below.

Happy training,

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Further Resources


You might also like to read this ultimate weight loss guide. This is an in depth guide on what makes great nutrition and the elements that we need to focus on in our lives that will result in better health, performance and body composition. The guide includes actionable steps that you can implement into your life easily. As a supplement to the guide comes the weight loss cheat sheet which is a great start to  improved eating habits. You can access it below this article.

In addition to these free resources I offer online personal training services. If you feel ready to take the next step towards consistently exercising well, and would like the confidence to know that you’re following a professionally designed and well considered training plan then online personal training is a great next step.

If your’re struggling with consistently eating well and you feel that this is really holding back your progress, then online nutrition coaching may be your next step. You can learn more about online weight loss coaching and how it can help you to build a better relationship with food and achieve better health, lose weight and perform at your best.

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