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Daily exercise plans and weekly healthy recipes will help you get fit, lose weight and feel better. Find your motivation again with One Habit Fit.

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One Habit Fit is an online personal training club that offers you guidance, support and motivation so that you can be confident you’re doing the best exercise, eating correctly and living well.  Ultimately getting leaner, improving your health, and performance in all aspects of your life.


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I have been working with Nico for the last few months. Nico has managed to push me further than I would ever have done myself and I have found that what I thought were my limits definitely weren’t!

The workouts, cardio and resistance exercises have been very hard work but so rewarding.

Most importantly for me, with Nico’s support and motivation I have not only lost weight and centimeters but have kept it off!


Weight Loss

About One Habit Fit

Exercise Plans + Recipes

If you’re lacking motivation, confidence and you’re just fed up with how you’re look and feel then joining One Habit Fit club is the perfect solution for you.

You’ll receive simple effective exercise plans that you can follow straight away. They are short, fun and accessible on any device via the app.

  • Home based workouts
  • Gym based workouts
  • Low or no equipment
  • Time saving workouts
  • Scale to your level
  • Recipes and nutrition
  • Support

You’ll get daily workouts and weekly recipes so you’ll never be bored, plus you’ll be well supported via the app.

If you don’t currently exercise and you dislike gyms, or you simply don’t have time, then this is for you.

Online Personal Training Run

I had been halfheartedly exercising for the last few years until I discovered personal trainer Nico Valla.

Over the last few months he has given me the inspiration and motivation to get fit and eat and feel well. I absolutely love the sessions of high intensity interval training combined with weights exercises.

The exercise plans have massively built up my stamina as well as making me stronger and fitter again. it’s brilliant fun and he’s always great at getting you to give that little bit more.

His sport and nutrition knowledge is also excellent so he’s helped me with my diet too! If you need motivation I would highly recommend Nico!


Improved fitness and motivation.

How Do I Access My Personal Training Plans?

Your Online Personal Training Area

Once you join the workout club, you will have immediate access to your own personal training portal. This is where you can access your workouts and exercise plans, your recipes, nutrition and support.

Your workouts and measurements such as weight, photographs, and food diary can all be recorded here. In addition to this you can also integrate with My Fitness Pal, Fit Bit and My Zone. Everything is available via the client log in page, as well as the app.

What Does Online Personal Training Include?

What Do I Get When I Join?

Daily Exercise Plans

As part of the the club you’ll have access to workouts that you can access on any device, or printed if needed. Training plans are progressive and designed to be quick, fun and effective.

Weekly Nutrition

You will never get bored with the same old meals. You’ll recieve regular recipes that provide you with the nutrition your body needs to get fitter, leaner and healthier.

Support And Guidance

You can track your progress to ensure you’re getting results. You’ll also be given support via the app messenger and email as well as through coaching materials that are available.

I was looking for fitness. Previously I would just run either on the treadmill or outside with no additional supportive training.

Nico has taught me the importance of other types of training to facilitate and enhance my performance.

The functional training sessions are extremely varied, enjoyable and motivational and I completed my first 10k race last weekend with a PB time and finished in the top 15%. Thanks Nico!


Fitness And Motivation

Achieved my goal of ‘athlete’ body fat percentage. Dropped from 26% to 19% body fat.


Weight Loss

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I have been training with Nico to improve my general fitness… He designed me an online personal training program to follow and described in detail all of the exercises.

Working with Nico has been a great help, keeping me motivated and interested. Having used gym’s in the past, I have struggled to see changes, but with online personal training I have got results quickly – the results that I wanted.

With Nico’s help and support I believe I will reach my ultimate goal. Cheers Nico!


Lose Weight And Get Fit


Proud To Be Certified

I’m passionate about helping you develop skills to eat, move and live better so that you can improve your health, body composition and perform at your best.
Nico Valla, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

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