February 22

Running From The Bear

In today’s mindset shift, I am goint to talk about running from the bear. Yes, you read that right.

You may know that I am a Precision Nutrition coach and I am proud to be part of the supportive community of PN coaches. In today’s video I borrowed a lesson that I learned from PN that has helped me reframe how I see progress.

If you tune in and actually start applying this approach to any goal in your life, you will achieve it in a much less stressful,more enjoyable way.

And just so you know, I believe you can achieve success in your health, fitness, career and relationships in a way that is unique to you.

So I’ve created the comprehensive programme that helps professionals gain confidence in their health, improve their fitness, lose weight have more energy and less stress.

If you’re interested and you’d like to know more, you can follow this link to discover how online personal training can work for you. In addition you may also be interested in the difference between a programme or a meal plan compared to working with a personal weight loss coach online.

Most people are seeking ”information” or the perfect ”plan”, and coaching is very different from that. Rarely does information help us change, and that’s where coaching becomes powerful.

About the author 

Nico Valla

I believe you can achieve success in your health, fitness, relationships and career, in a way that is unique to you.

As a business owner, teacher and dad with three children I understand how hard keeping healthy can be. We’re in this together, and I want you to know I am here to help you.

Having been a personal trainer and nutrition coach since 2008, as well as navigating parenthood since 2015, this past few years I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients improve their self-confidence, self-image, stop feeling judged when they walk into a room.

I believe you can solve all these problems and start making these changes a reality this year, and I'm looking forward to helping you!

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