April 6

Jeremy’s Experience


I am very proud of my client, Jeremy, who took action and has lost 8.5kg.

What's exciting about this, is while Jeremy was actively seeking an online weight loss coaching service as a solution to his weight loss and health goal, he made all this progress while going through some personal challenges. He coud have easily said ''now is not the right time'' to work on myself, and waited another decade for the perfect time.

BUT, as he will tell you, I would have asked him ''when is the right time?''... ''When was the last time you had a clear, uninterrupted, distraction free, stress free 90day streak where you can focus solely o your health and your self?''...The day will never come.

What is also amazing, is that Jeremy achieved this AFTER we worked together. My goal is to help you become the resilient and resourceful leader of your own health. And while I am here for you, and I will help you implement the shifts that will result in long term change, in the end I am not here to save you.

Jeremy has become the resilient and resourceful leader of his health, and has consistently and imperfectly implemented some of the changes we made together, and in doing so has changed his trajectory from gradulal weight gain, to gradual weight loss.

Nothing drastic in the moment, but looking back over 3 months, a big change has been made. 8.5 kg less pressure on the joints. 8.5 kg better insulin sensitivity. 8.5kg more confident in how he looks and feels. 8.5kg more agile and fitter.

It's more than just a number on the scales. This is the new Jeremy who is leading himself back to improved health, performance and body compoition.

Here's what he has to say:


''I have learnt that 'imperfect action' does work.

I've not put any pressure on myself, but have unconsciously and sometimes consciously applied some of whast you guided me through previously and I am proud that on the 1st of January 2021 I weighed in at 96.4kg and on the 1st of march, I weighed in at 87.9 kg.

I not only have I made progress, but in my eyes, good progress and it hasn't felt chore some or painful.

There's still a way to go, but I'm happy about this, and hopefully, you will recognise that you played a part in this achievement, so thank you.

Jeremy - Teacher, Director, Actor

If you resonate with Jeremy, you really want to lose weight but you just struggle to find the right time, then you may be interested to know about my busy professionl's fitness club which is where I aim to be the best online nutrition and fitness coach for people like Jeremy - busy professionals who want to achieve health and fitness goals withing the contextof their busy lives.

Once you become a member we will implement some simple yet powerful habits that will get the ball rolling towards lon term success. We will work together on your nutrition, your mindset and your movement. I will support you and hold you accountable.

What to expect:

- You want to lose 2-5kg in the next 4-6 weeks
- Look feel and perform better
- More energy
- Improved health
- Better relationship with yourself and your food

Take the first step, join Jeremy and I at the BPFC or learn more about working with an online personal trainer and message me directly and I will help you from there.



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