February 16

Do You Lack Motivation?

Hi again, and in today’s video I want to start with a quote.

”Discipline Creates Freedom”.

But here’s the problem I am hearing a lot… People are lacking the motivation to stay disciplined!

So what to do? Well, in today’s video I show you away to break down the resistance todoing what needs to be done, so you won’t need motivation, and you will be able to be disciplined in the areas of your life that matter – the areas that are supportive of your goals.

I hope you find the video interesting and helpful, and as always I am here to help.

And just so you know, I believe you can achieve success in your health, fitness, career and relationships in a way that is unique to you.

Join me at the BPFC, and follow these links if you’re interested but want to lean more about how personal training can possibly work online, or the curriculum I use to deliver weight loss coaching online.

Hope this helps,


About the author 

Nico Valla

I believe you can achieve success in your health, fitness, relationships and career, in a way that is unique to you.

As a business owner, teacher and dad with three children I understand how hard keeping healthy can be. We’re in this together, and I want you to know I am here to help you.

Having been a personal trainer and nutrition coach since 2008, as well as navigating parenthood since 2015, this past few years I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients improve their self-confidence, self-image, stop feeling judged when they walk into a room.

I believe you can solve all these problems and start making these changes a reality this year, and I'm looking forward to helping you!

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