Can multivitamins prevent cancer? I know people who take a multivitamin and mineral supplement every day. I also know others who don’t and think its a waste. Today’s article is about the latest on multivitamins and other ways to statistically prevent cancer too.

Can Multivitamin Supplementation Prevent Cancer?

The latest research says multivitamins prevent the risk of cancer by 8 percent.

A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed multivitamin supplementation to result in an 8 percent decrease in cancer rates in subjects ages 64 at the start of the 11 year study. Subjects were meticulous in remembering to supplement and did so consistently for the duration of the study.

It should be noted the subjects ate more fruit and vegetables than average and were generally healthier with only 3% current smokers and 56% never smoking before. The effect of the multivitamin on a subject or population that has a poor diet low in nutrients and also exposed to toxins like smoking may well gain over the observed 8% in the study sample.

Lifestyle Cancer Fighters

So, how does multivitamin supplementation compare with other lifestyle choices in terms of cancer rates? Actually combined and individual lifestyle choices can have profound impacts on the risk of cancer and other illnesses too. If you want to reduce your risk of cancer here are some methods:

  • Regular exercise over lifetime cuts by 30%
  • Not smoking
  • Reduce alcohol
  • High fibre fruit and vegetables diet, lean meats and fish – cuts risk by 20%
  • Handful of nuts daily cuts risk by 15%
  • Green tea 5x daily halved the risk of prostate cancer
  • Real ground coffee could cut female risk of oestrogen related cancer


In a nutshell the combined effect of healthy lifestyle choices is worth the effort and should not be a chore. I highly recommend considering your lifestyle choices. Take a minute to notice what you do on a daily basis and ask yourself ‘how’s this working for me?’.

If you decide that you want to make some changes but you feel overwhelmed, then try changing just one thing at a time, and taking small steps.

What one change could you make today that would make your life better?

Next Steps

Hopefully this quick post has sparked some questions in your mind about your personal health and fitness. Here are some resources and further reading that you might find helpful:

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