Online PT and remote coaching is an effective way to get guidance, education and motivation and ultimately reach your goal. We all need assistance in some aspect of our lives and there is nothing wrong with seeking advice and support in an area of your life that you are struggling with.

I work remotely with clients all over the country. Since working from private studio for 8 years I found that my clients naturally became online clients.


Benefits Of Online PT


  • Less travel time and time spent meeting in person, and arranging appointments.
  • In addition the superior support and accountability provided by online training was getting better results
  • As a client you’re not limited to the training with a local fitness professional, who may not be the right fit for you. You have better choice.
  • And finally it becomes much more affordable for clients on long term plans.
  • For these reasons for two years now I’ve been working exclusively online.


Why Seek Guidance From An Online PT?


In my experience we all need help. Even extremely successful people need help, and can attribute the success that they’ve experienced to the help they’ve had.

Help may have come from a friend or family member, a colleague or co-worker, a coach or mentor or… yes that’s right, and online PT. Whatever help they benefited from, they were not afraid to ask for advice, and furthermore were in a better position to help others and ‘pay it forward’.


You’re An Expert


You may be an expert in one area of your life, say your career, but this may not translate to all other aspects of your life. Your health and fitness may be an area of expertise that is lacking, and like so many people, there may be a disconnect between what you know, how you want to live, what you want to achieve and what you actually do on a daily basis.

Many of us struggle to live in congruence with how we want things to be. Consistently living with daily habits that are supportive of our goals is hard.

If this is something that resonates with you, the hiring a professional online PT or coach could be just what you need in order to start moving towards your goal.

Asking for or seeking help in improving your health, performance, body composition or weight loss and fitness aspirations is actually a great thing to do because you will be far more likely to reach your goal with expert guidance, support and a proper curriculum to follow.

I benefit from my own support network in my life, and as a coach I can see the benefits having a supportive environment can have on the people that I help. We all need a support network in some aspect of our lives.


Stop Pressing The Pause Button


In terms of achieving continued success towards health and fitness goals it is sad that most people are unable to reach their goals.

The fact is that after a period of weeks of exercising and nutrition without guidance, the initial weight loss or fitness results slow down or even reverse and so the exerciser gives up.

This is such a shame and it feels very frustrating to me as an online PT.

Not only is it a waste of time, but also a waste of energy, motivation and money. This cycle of starting on a programme and stopping or pressing the ‘pause’ button reinforces the notion that a goal cannot be achieved, and this story of becomes ingrained.

As an personal trainer and nutrition coach working remotely with clients, I have discovered the power of consistency. It isn’t glam, but through a process of working consistently towards a goal, one small actionable ‘habit’ at a time, over time results in long term tangible results.

This sustainable coaching method came about when I began to see the impact that behaviour change psychology was having on my clients.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been blown away by the power that working on habits has on my clients. I have also been lucky enough to to learn from some of the best coaches in the world, gaining inspiration and knowledge to develop my coaching programme to what it is today.


Why Online Training?


Through online PT and nutrition coaching, I began working remotely with clients more frequently. People are busy, and a commute to meet me in person at a set time was proving to be challenging for my clients.

Almost by accident I discovered that working remotely I was able to get better client adherence and results, remove the stress of commuting to a gym for a workout, and also support became much more affordable for the people that I help. This in turn allowed me to help more people and provide better care and support.

Don’t get me wrong – I have always trained people traditionally in person in my local area. This is the way personal training has traditionally been delivered. Trainers still do this and I do too, getting great results for my clients in person, however I also provide even my local clients with remote coaching support because it works so well.

Personal training is expensive. It has to be otherwise I have to dilute my services to so many one to one clients that no one benefits. I’d get tired and worn out, the client gets less from my time, and my reputation of excellence gets tarnished.

I used to do what other trainers did – offering cheap personal training and weight loss sessions, but I found that to make ends meet I had to offer 10 to 12 clients daily. By the tenth session of the day I felt exhausted and I felt guilty that the clients at the end of a long day didn’t get the best from me.


Online Personal Training For All


One to one personal training is not affordable for everyone. It is my responsibility to ensure that sound health and fitness advice is available to people irrespective of budget. I want health and fitness to be affordable to everybody so that is why I have set up my online personal training service.

The advantage is that health and fitness can become more affordable, your goals are more achievable, and you can fit the schedule into your busy life more easily. In addition you get expert guidance and motivation, and feel part of an online community.

My solution is to offer affordable health and weight loss that is accessible to all. There are advantages to this for those who seek personal training. Firstly it is often the case that busy people are motivated but need the guidance to lose weight.

With little time to meet me in person, a training programme that is accessible online is a great solution because they can access the advice and train in their hotel on business trips, exercise from home or the office gym.

Busy parents can have the plan ready when the kids are sleeping, or to fit in their hectic day.

All my plans are based on maximum return on investment, and so all sessions are kept short – ideal for busy people who want weight loss and fitness results quickly.


Affordable Health And Fitness


Furthermore, those who cannot afford my one to one time, can usually afford a minimal fee for online personal training.

For the price of a coffee daily, the results attained by online personal training programmes are fantastic. I have had amazing results from all walks of life and personal challenges.

My plans are designed for the time constraints of busy people, as well as being financially accessible. They take the guesswork away from the exerciser with clear guidance and a goal in mind. It gives me great satisfaction when my clients reach their goals.

Online personal training and coaching is the solution to in the modern age due to the advances in technology. The ease of use and time saving means that everyone benefits from better customer service and better results.


Try Online PT Risk Free


I understand online PT may seem like unfamiliar territory for you and I think it important that you experience it to see if it’ll work for you. For this reason I offer a 14 day free period of online personal training so you can ‘try before you buy’ with no obligation to continue if it’s not right for you.

Remote nutrition and lifestyle coaching delivers more than just a “12 week exercise plan” or “30 day challenge”. I help you build skills so you can maintain the results, and so old habits don’t creep back in after the initial goal has been met.

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