If you’re confused about what to eat you’re not alone.

There are thousands of different ‘best diets’ available, many of which are so restrictive or require such a drastic change in your lifestyle making them unsustainable.

The result – which is not your fault – is that you end up quitting before trying the next big thing.

That’s why weight loss skills

Nutrition skills coaching is different. You gain the knowledge that lets you to make informed choices about food, and you develop the skills that allow you to make the choices.

My aim is to free you from the endless diet cycle so you can enjoy food and health.


You Have The Knowledge But You Have A Skills Deficit



Why This Matters

We have a problem:

  • The UK diet industry is worth £2 billion
  • Despite the UK spending £6-8 billion annually on obesity prevention (1% of the social cost) and we still have a major problem.
  • The UK has the highest level of obesity in Europe
  • More than trebled in 30 years
  • 24.9% Obese
  • 61.7% Overweight or obese


Which means only one thing – Diets. Don’t. Work

Of course we know this, so what are we doing instead?

Unfortunately we’re still dieting:

  • 20% of people are on a diet at any one time.
  • On average women diet 4-5 times a year.
  • We try year on year which goes to show how import health and nutrition is to us.
  • Diets marketed as quick fixes mean the consumer is not surprised or disappointed when the diet comes to an end.
  • Of the diets designed for ‘long term’ lifestyle change, on average a dieter sticks around for 3 weeks, which is not long enough to see initial progress.


What About With Dietitian Support?


Long term support from a registered dietitian should work but research shows that even long term supported diets fail:

  • Typically a dieter will lose five to ten percent of initial body weight in 6 months.
  • However, after 4 years 83% of people gain more weight than they have lost.
  • Half of those gained eleven pounds or more above their starting weight.


So What’s The Solution?

Whichever method you take, it is true that diets tackle the food. It is also true that you can get quick results by following extreme diets. But here’s the thing – for long term success we know it’s not about the food.

Habit Based Skills Coaching Is An Alternative To Dieting That Works

As an alternative to diets, and to help free you from the diet cycle, I can help you change your habits – your behaviour and your attitude when it comes to food..

This may sound daunting when compared to say, sticking to a juice diet or pre-packaged shakes for 7 days, but in fact, it’s not that difficult because we choose a path of least resistance.

With my support and a clear system to follow at your own pace, changing yourself becomes easy, rewarding and effective. In addition it AVOIDS the stress of discomfort, sudden lifestyle overhaul, and psychological stress of dieting.


Online Nutrition Coaching


If you’re feeling like you’ve tried just about everything and you want to escape the diet trap then weight loss skills coaching is likely to be successful for you. It will teach you the skills you need to achieve long term weight loss, health and performance.

Online nutrition coaching is perfect if you are looking to lose weight and improve your health and confidence, especially if you are fed up of going from one diet to the next.

Once you join you will be guided through a 12 month coaching process that works to build the most essential foundation or ‘pillar’ habits which you then build on one step at a time.

If you’re ready to take the next step, please request a discovery call and learn more here.

Have a great day,


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