Have you ever started a diet only to go off track?

You then feel bad – you go further off track – you feel even worse about yourself – you keep going off track – you give up – you start again after a wake up call in days or weeks or months time.

This cycle wastes so much of your time and can lead to misery.

In fact I have helped many people who were in this never ending cycle for 3, 5, 15 even 30 years in some cases!

What To Expect When You Make Some Changes

The stages below show how your eating and lifestyle routines develop with practice. The goal is to make a change and then progress from stage 1 to stage 5:

Stage 1: Go off track – feel bad – go further off track – feel even worse about myself – keep going off track – give up – start again after a wake up call in days or weeks time.

Stage 2: Go off track – feel bad – go further off track – acknowledge where this is going – get back on track – same day.

Stage 3: Go off track – start feeling bad then realise it was just a mistake – realise I can stop now without making things worse – get back on track straight away.

Stage 4: Start to go off track – realise don’t have to keep doing this – get back on track straight away.

Stage 5: Consider going off track – remember this does not work – decide otherwise – be lean and happy.

Which Stage Are You At?

If you resonate with any of the stages above you’ll benefit from weight loss skills coaching. It will take you from towards stage five over the course of a year, at which point you’ll never look back.

Whatever stage you’re at, I’ll meet you there and help you develop your skills.

If you have any questions please get in touch on the contact page on this website and I’ll help you, and to learn more about weight loss skills coaching you can learn more about One Habit Nutrition Coaching.

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