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Do you love a gherkin?

My kids love gherkins! Is this strange? They eat them every day!

The great thing about this is that I have collected loads of jars that are perfect for meal prep. If you want to eat consistently well and not be tempted by the vending machine or the drive-through at lunch, try this tip!

I hope this helps you and I would love to know if it’s helped you so let me know!

And, just so you know, I’m putting together a brand-new program starting Monday 18th May.

This is specifically for busy women and men in their 30’s, 40s or 50s who want to regain lost fitness, lose 10 pounds and learn to stay consistent in the next 60 days.

It’s a remote program, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

I’m looking for 5 people to test it out at a HUGE DISCOUNT, help me work out the kinks, and get amazing results that I can use as a case study.

If that’s you, contact me with ‘tell me more’  and I’ll message you with the details.

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