Welcome to the programme Jenny! I just wanted to share with you a couple of things we’ll be working on that I think will re-frame how you view progress.


I know how brilliant you are at maths so here’s an analogy for you:

1) Math teaches you to accept that you’re wrong No other subject teaches you so clearly to admit that you have made a mistake. There is only one right result. It helps me as a nutrition coach to accept flaws in my thought process or in my plan.

2) Math teaches you to focus on the solution If you focus on the (math) problem, you will never find a solution. Instead of you have to focus on finding a solution. It helps me as a nutrition coach to focus on finding solutions even if I sometimes don’t fully understand the problem.

3) Math requires tinkering Often in math, you have no idea how to solve a problem. So trial and error and tinkering with the problem is the only way to find things that work and that slowly brings you closer to your goal. It helps me as a nutrition coach because it allows me (and my clients) to experiment, to see what works and what doesn’t. We can tinker with variations of exercises, daily practices, macros, … until we find something that works well.

4) Math teaches you to be precise Every single step of a mathematical solution has to be correct. If you make just a tiny mistake, your solution will be wrong. Fortunately, nutrition coaching is MUCH more forgiving. Yet, math still taught me to be precise in my communication, my thinking, and when I develop action plans.

5) Math teaches you to see the big picture AND the details When you solve a math problem you have to see the whole problem (like the whole equation) and also every part of the problem (like every term). It’s similar in nutrition coaching, you have to see the whole person and their life (the big picture) and also all the aspects that make them unique (the details).

I’ve got to say thanks to Robin Beier at PN for the idea for this analogy, and I hope my video helps you take your eyes off the outcome and focus on the process goal.

What mini action did you take after watching?

Just to add, for anyone watching who may be wondering about the programme Jenny has signed up to – I’m putting together a brand-new program starting Monday 18th May.

This is specifically for busy women and men in their 30’s, 40s or 50s who want to regain lost fitness, lose 10 pounds and learn to stay consistent in the next 60 days.

It’s a remote program, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

I’m looking for 5 people to test it out at a HUGE DISCOUNT, help me work out the kinks, and get amazing results that I can use as a case study.

If that’s you, message me ‘tell me more’ and I’ll message you with the details.

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