High intensity interval training is the antidote to the ‘no time’ excuse that many of us have to skip a workout.

If you’d like to get fitter, lose weight there is no way around it but to live in line with this goal.

Saying this, in my experience the ‘lack of time’ is usually a big limiting factor to eating, moving and living consistently well.

Things just tend to get in the way of exercise. Am I right?

If so read on to discover how short high intensity interval workouts are the key to getting better results in less time.

Did you know there is a way to get better weight loss results with a shorter workout. In fact short high intensity workouts are more effective for weight loss than long workouts of a low intensity. In fact 30 minutes of high intensity exercise will have dramatic effects in terms of fitness improvements and body composition.

Lose Weight With Short High Intensity Workouts

The reason short high intensity workouts are more effective than longer ones include EPOC calories burned post exercise in the period known as ‘after burn’.

In addition to this, a high intensity workout will burn more calories overall during the workout – it is a myth that the lower intensity FBZ ‘fat burning zone’ most gyms advise is most effective for fat burning.

While true the proportion of fat burned is greater at lower intensities, overall less calories will be burned per hour.

Consider the calorie balance to be an important factor of effective weight loss. Short high intensity workouts may burn 500-1000kcal per hour compared to 200-500kcal per hour for FBZ workouts. In a 30 min workout you can burn more calories than 2-3 times this duration in the FBZ.

Furthermore, by performing high intensity workouts, the improved insulin sensitivity of the body will result in better weight loss due to improved carbohydrate tolerance of any nutrition consumed post-workout.

How To Make Your Short High Intensity Workouts Count

  • Short dynamic and specific warm up.
  • Increase resistance – don’t be afraid of heavy things!
  • Change your rep-range to keep the body stimulated – 12 reps, and progress to strength ranges of 1-5 reps and crucially let the weight dictate the reps.
  • Feel the burn! Sure its uncomfortable but you’ll love the results!
  • Use shorter intervals of work so you can work harder. Use rest periods to allow you to work hard and maximise EPOC.
  • Feel the DOMS to know you had an effective workout.
  • Combine resistance and cv workouts such as squats and running – 12 squats RPE 6-8 > 1min run RPE10


So, have a go. Keep your workouts short under 40minutes and the intensity high and you will love the results asĀ  you feel yourself getting fitter, your clothes will fit better as your body composition improves and you look and feel so much more confident.

In addition to these high intensity interval training sessions, you might also want to learn more about full body workout routines as well as joining me with these exercise plans.

Let me know how you get on and if you need any advice let me know any questions below!

Happy training.


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