Are you wondering about guilt free eating? Perhaps you feel you eat too much? Perhaps you feel guilty from eating a certain food, and then you restrict your food intake afterwards in an attempt to offset the guilt.

You and I both know this never works, and normally results in overeating or even ‘binge eating‘ later in the day or week.

If you’ve ever felt guilt associated with your diet and lifestyle, then I hope this quick article helps you re-frame how you feel about your nutrition, and empowers you to feel good about your food choices.

You might have tried one or more diets in the past only to feel deprived for weeks or months then back to where you started. Any weight you lost only to be regained.

You’re not alone, with 20% of us are dieting at any one time. We diet over and over again going from one promise to another, only to experience let down eventually.


Experiential Satisfaction Is The Key


Diets tend to fail in the long run because they require too much change too soon, they are too uncomfortable or require too much effort to do forever.

The diet industry has become such a vicious cycle of failure. Motivated by emotions, fear, pain, frustration and promises, you tried new diets in the hope of achieving your ultimate health and happiness goal.

In the short term a certain diet may have worked for you but every time you start to see progress, something crops up and you end up back where you started.

Every time the ‘diet’ ends when you are faced with a change in routine. Your work commitments infringe on your time. Or the event such as a wedding or holiday has come and gone and old habits creep back in.

With this in mind, our habits are what make us who we are, and we are what we consistently do. Experiential satisfactions wins the long game because you’ll want to do it forever and great nutrition doesn’t come to an end.


No Such Thing As One Best Diet


The truth is that there is no single diet that is best for everyone. We have evolved to be very adaptable to a whole range of dietary conditions and many popular diets do promote good nutrition.

No matter what your beliefs may be, it is possible to achieve good nutrition with a little thought and guidance.

The great thing about this is that you can achieve better health, performance and body composition goals while eating foods that work for you.

The best diet is the one that works for you.


Know. Ask. Practice. Win


Know 7 Principles


  1. You will not have to think about great nutrition – it will become a natural way of life
  2. Great nutrition is not a ‘diet’ that you stick to. It will not come to an end.
  3. Great nutrition will properly control energy balance.
  4. Great nutrition will provide nutrient density.
  5. Great nutrition will provide an improved body composition, health and performance.
  6. Great nutrition is honest and outcome based.
  7. Great nutrition is sustainable for you.


Ask 4 Questions


  1. Where Is The Protein Dense Food?
  2. Where Are The Veggies?
  3. Where Are The Carbs?
  4. Where Are Your Fats Coming From?


Practice 3 Skills


  1. Am I Eating Slowly
  2. Eat When Hungry
  3. Stop When Satisfied


These principles are so simple yet many of us have ‘unlearned’ them. I hope they help you to regain satisfaction and confidence in your nutrition so that you feel empowered with guilt free eating.

If you’re a sedentary professional who works 50+ hour weeks, you’ve noticed you rely more and more on sugary treats and ‘junk’ food, you feel guilty from excessive eating, and you want to get fit and confident, then I would love to help you. Please learn more about nutrition coaching here.


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