Are Eggs Good For You?Are eggs good for you? This is a question that the government can’t seem to decide on.

I love eggs and as anyone who knows me will know I do eat a lot of them!

I think they are a very good source of macronutrients – fat and protein – and also abundant in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, plus B vitamins, not to mention minerals.

So, in answer to the question, eating eggs is good for you – yes!

Are Eggs A Healthy Food Choice?

Here’s the latest advice from the British Heart Foundation:

For most people there is currently no limit on the number of eggs that you can eat in a week. However, because the recommendation has changed over the years, it’s often a common source of confusion.

In the past a restriction on eggs was recommended because we thought that foods high in cholesterol (including liver, kidneys and shellfish, as well as eggs) could have an impact on cholesterol levels in the body.

However, as research in this area has developed, so has our understanding of how foods that contain cholesterol affect people’s heart health.

For most people, the amount of saturated fat they eat has much more of an impact on their cholesterol than eating foods that contain cholesterol, like eggs and shellfish. So unless you have been advised otherwise by your doctor or dietician, if you like eggs, they can be included as part of a balanced and varied diet. Check out the British Heart Foundation website for their advice.

So Should I Eat Eggs?

In terms of your goals and what you want, this is ‘eggcellent’ news.

Not only are eggs good for you, they are really a great food to eat if you want to achieve effective weight loss. I really do advocate the consumption of eggs unless you are specifically intolerant or allergic to them.

Protein found in eggs increases your thermal effect of food (TEF) and is less efficient to metabolise so is effectively free calories. It also is an essential part of the body’s building blocks, essential for building lean muscle and losing weight.

Fats found in eggs are good for you. A real low insulin response from the body keeps blood sugar stable and provides you with an ideal energy source. Don’t be afraid of eating fats for health and effective weight loss, it is sugars you need to be afraid of. Eggs contain no evil sugar!!

Vitamins and minerals are abundant in eggs. They are filling and will prevent you overeating. They also come with their own lunch box (boiled) but don’t get the boiled one mixed up with your raw one if you intend to plonk your egg in your work bag for a healthy snack later. That would be no yoke!

Are Eggs Good For You?

So, just to round up. Are eggs good for you? Yes they are, and furthermore they will help you with your health and fitness goals.

Was this useful? Share it with a friend or comment with your questions and egg related jokes (please do). Want more advice? Then consider getting in touch for more nutrition advice. Happy egg eating, I’m off for an omlette now!

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