I suppose I am a typical bloke. I am quite hard on myself and I tend to beat myself up if I stray off the path.

My speed wobbles are getting smaller though, and less frequent.

And that’s how progress happens.

Consistently taking imperfect action, and even when you’re wading through treacle, taking a tiny step towards the goal. I’m having this conversation a lot recently with other men on my men’s coaching programme.

Over the years they’ve noticed a pattern of ‘binge exercise’ after months of sedentary desk work, long commutes in the car, and evenings spent on the sofa.

And we all know what happens next (I had this conversation with a 53yo exec yesterday).

If it isn’t a knee twinge, or a lower back spasm, as soon as work piles up and you’re not able to execute the perfect week of workout routines, planned healthy meals go out of the window, so you forget about it, returning to reliance on convenience foods, vending machines, and evening drinks to unwind.

You go from 0% for 6 months, to 100% for a week and back to 0% until the next wake up call in 3 months time.
You know, that awkward walk where you know your shirt’s too tight and you have to present to an audience. Or that family snap where you’re like ‘who the hell is that?’ before you realise it is you.

Sound familiar?

If you’re interested in working with me so you can be more consistent and reach your goals, I invite you to learn more and apply to work with me and learn more about men’s weight loss here.

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