Hello again,

This is a quick but very important post.

You’re on a journey to improve your body, and for many, this means losing weight.

Progress on the scales is never a straight line. It will drop, plateau and even go up at times. Weighing yourself can make or break your day depending what the scale tells you.

Sian also has a weight loss goal. When we met, her eating habits were all over the place. She’d regularly over eat on junk food after starving herself earlier in the day. She’d feel guilty about eating certain foods and she’d feel out of control.

When Sian came to me she was desperate to lose weight after years of going nowhere. That was her goal – to lose 4 stone.

”This was the first time I’ve ever been on holiday and didn’t feel conflicted about food the entire time. It has been completely liberating!’’

This is what Sian reported back after her holiday. For Sian, this was progress, even without any other data.

Better Ways To Measure Progress

In order to make real sustained progress towards you ‘big goal’ it is important to be able to recognised the smaller signs of progress.

As important is your ability to acknowledge them, and celebrate them.

Below are 7 ways you can acknowledge progress other than scale weight:

  1. You feel satisfied after meals
  2. You have more energy
  3. You’re sleeping better
  4. Your clothes feel just a little looser (or tighter)
  5. You’re in a better mood
  6. You’re stronger and have more endurance
  7. It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”


If you’ve ever had your day ruined because the scales didn’t play ball, then perhaps you’d benefit from some personal support. If you think I can help then you’re welcome to apply for coaching here.

Hope this helps,


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