IT professional Jan, lost 16.75lbs (7.6kg) in his first 10 weeks, without complicated diets or crazy workouts

Tell us a little about your background

23, full time IT student, part time working in IT operations. I have “light” cerebral palsy and a sedatary lifestly with no previous exercises.


What made you decide to work with a nutrition coach?

I gained some weight back during the Covid gurantine times and decided I was looking for something more personal than an app. I was skeptical of an online approach, but open to it and I was really impressed by the initial call.


What results have you achieved since starting the program?

I have lost roughly 7% of my weight in the last 3 months, built quite a few new habits, imrpoved my overall relationship with food and increased my physical activiy. Overall I’d say that with Nico’s help I have taken more action in the last 3 months than the previous year or two.

What do you like best about working with a nutrition coach?

3 things:

  1. The level of personalization,
  2. the imperfect action philosophy (which gets suprisingly good results)
  3. and how to the point everything is

What would you say to someone who is sitting on the fence about joining the program?

Get on a call with Nico. Going through this program can be on your schedule, but it still takes work to change your habits., so schedule your call and see if you are in the right spot, if you are, then absolutely go for it.

Jan K

Goal: lose weight and better relationship with food, Men's Coaching Client

Jan lost 16.75lbs (7.6kg) in his first 10 weeks

Business owner Chris, lost 10lbs in his first month

Tell us a little about your background

I’m 46yrs old. Growing up doing Tae kwon Do I won every major tournament in the Junior Category Achieving Black belt 1st Dan at 10yr old and 2nd Dan aged 15. Now I am in my 24th year of owning a Hotel (B&B) business.

What made you decide to work with a nutrition coach?

Think my mind & body was bored with similar routines and pushing my body to the limit with an old head for knowledge.

What results have you achieved since starting the program?

I’ve lost 10lbs in just 3 weeks. It’s great to have new routines to look forward to.

What do you like best about working with a nutrition coach?

The structure is working great for me.

What would you say to someone who is sitting on the fence about joining the program?

Try it for sure and you will not be disappointed. Nico is a fantastic coach. Very knowledgeable and is always there for you.

Chris E

Goal: Regain lost fitness, lose stomach fat and get off diet shakes, Men's Coaching Client

I have been training with Nico to improve my general fitness… He designed me an online personal training program to follow and described in detail all of the exercises.

Working with Nico has been a great help, keeping me motivated and interested. Having used gym’s in the past, I have struggled to see changes, but with online personal training I have got results quickly – the results that I wanted.

With Nico’s help and support I believe I will reach my ultimate goal. Cheers Nico! Will

Lose weight and get fit

I’ve been working with nico over the past few years & he’s helped me achieve goals towards half marathon times, qualification for London marathon 2015 by achieving a ‘good for age time’ in the 2014 abbingdon marathon.

Also a major achievement based on my limited time to train was completing ironman lanzarote 2014 and most recently helping me achieve my highest finishing position in ‘the toughguy’ challenge.

His methods of training are ‘all about the quality & not necessary quantity, one 2 one workouts are always fun & a real challenge and designed to work the complete body.

For me personally nico has always been supportive, encouraging & very patient when things have not gone right during injury or illness and has always adapted workouts to suit.

Don’t be put off if you find him laughing during workouts he assures me he’s laughing ‘with you’ crawling around the floor not ‘at you’


Personal training client

Naomi Lost 24kg In Weight, All Without Pain Or Ever Feeling Deprived Of Food

  • Naomi lost 24.4kg which for her was life-changing
  • Her weight dropped 24%
  • She went from 102kg to 77.6kg from September to June (10 months).

The most effective and life-changing health experience I’ve had. With Nico’s help and guidance I’ve improved my mobility, lost weight, redefined my relationship with food and started making the right health and well-being choices. All without pain, or feeling deprived. His techniques are simple, and it’s all stuff you know already – no special requirements, equipment or fads. Highly recommend.


Weight loss and health client

Becki Lost 6.5kg For Her Wedding, And Gained So Much Beyond Weight Loss

  • Becki lost 6.5kg, from 87kg to 80.6kg
  • Learned the skills to maintain her new weight.
  • She can now eat socially without guilt.
  • Much happier in herself.

One Habit Coaching was one of the best programmes I have been on. The coach Nico went above and beyond throughout the whole time to support my lifestyle changes. His approach was supportive and he regularly added in extra calls to help me when I was struggling … the programme was a sustainable lifestyle change, not just a quick fix diet. I would highly recommend to anyone.


Online Nutrition Coaching Client

I have not had a single migraine since I started… I am sleeping so much better and have found the wonders of the early morning tranquillity and it is amazing… I never thought I would be able to run as I have done, and although I lacked self-confidence I have has the fab support knowledge and company of my PT… But without realising it I have achieved so much.


Personal Training Client

It still surprises me that the coaching is definitely working for me.


Weight loss coaching client

I have been working with Nico for the last few months. Nico has managed to push me further than I would ever have done myself and I have found that what I thought were my limits definitely weren’t!

The workouts, cardio and resistance exercises have been very hard work but so rewarding.

Most importantly for me, with Nico’s support and motivation I have not only lost weight and centimeters but have kept it off! Amy

Weight loss and health

Managing diet around lifestyle and doing any exercise have always been the biggest problem for me. Having bounced this around for the best part of 30 years and I truly was expecting this attempt at weight loss in time for my son’s wedding to be another flash in the pan and end up in the same place as all the previous attempts – FAILURE.

Considering how skeptical and to be honest suspicious I was at the beginning, it still surprises me that the coaching is definitely working for me. I didn’t enjoy the process of trusting someone I had never met before with personal information about lifestyle, habits, and failures, I found it quite uncomfortable, I would consider this the hardest part for me.

One of the biggest benefits has been, understanding an awareness that I required a lifestyle change and accepting and committing to it, are two very different things, and it is not as painful and daunting as I expected. I needed to accept that for someone as independent as me, I still couldn’t make it happen on my own, but actually that doesn’t make me a failure.

I know without the coaching I would have failed by now and gone through that miserable, hopeless cycle of failure again. I still have a long way to go, there are no quick fixes but at least this time I think I just might make it. Karen

Weight loss and build a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Achieved my goal of ‘athlete’ body fat percentage. Dropped from 26% to 19% body fat. Ashelle

Gained confidence for a beach holiday

I have just achieved my goal, which was to complete my first triathlon! I felt really scared when I first entered it, but now I have much more confidence! When I started training with Nico I could not swim a single length of the pool but now I can complete the whole swim easily! I used to feel that running was my weakest discipline but I have seen it improving. I can run further and faster than before, and on the bike, I can keep up with others – my cycling has improved massively!


Weight loss and first triathlon

l couldn’t have asked for a better coach. I didn’t realise at the time where l was going wrong but after chatting with my coach certain things are standing out. He has explained so much to me over the weeks and l have great confidence in him.


Weight loss and improved health goal

Working with Nico is brilliant, learning new things and helping, guide and support!


Weight loss coaching

I had been halfheartedly exercising for the last few years until I discovered personal trainer Nico Valla.

Over the last few months he has given me the inspiration and motivation to get fit and eat and feel well. I absolutely love the sessions of high intensity interval training combined with weights exercises.

The exercise plans have massively built up my stamina as well as making me stronger and fitter again. it’s brilliant fun and he’s always great at getting you to give that little bit more.

His sport and nutrition knowledge is also excellent so he’s helped me with my diet too! If you need motivation I would highly recommend Nico! Antonia

Improved fitness and motivation.

I was looking for fitness. Previously I would just run either on the treadmill or outside with no additional supportive training.

Nico has taught me the importance of other types of training to facilitate and enhance my performance.

The functional training sessions are extremely varied, enjoyable and motivational and I completed my first 10k race last weekend with a PB time and finished in the top 15%. Thanks Nico! Tamsyn

Fitness and motivation for sport

”I would like to take this time to thank my coach and online coaching program.

Eleven months ago I was completely out of touch in many areas of my life. I was stressed, overweight and couldn’t for the life of me pull myself out of the deep, agonizing rut I was in. I had the opportunity to join this program and thought that I had to give it a shot.

Within the first month, I was learning new habits and my mindset was slowly changing for negative thoughts to positive thoughts which led me to new habits that changed my lifestyle.

It was important to me to take the first few moments of each morning to read my lesson and practice the habit and before long I was seeing and feeling changes in my body and mindset.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly learn any more, a new lesson was in front of me and I was determined to practice it until it became a habit.

I’m extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to do this program. Even when life got busy I never gave up and I’ve reached every goal I set out to do. I’ve lost 30 pounds and feel healthier than I ever thought possible.

Thank you to everyone who has had a part in making this life-changing experience possible for me. It has truly changed my life which in turn changed the lives of my entire family!

Thank you for caring so much -your encouragement and support are second to none!”


PN Coaching Client

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