”Take leap. Jump gap”.

Okay, that makes no sense, I just made it up when I was trying to think of an analogy to explain an important point.
The point?

Well… Jeff just messaged me:

I’m an I.T. guy stuck at a desk all day with little or no exercise and eating the wrong food.

Still 18st 10lb with pre-diabetes (bordering on full blown type 2).

Tried everything really:- fasting
– 5:2,
– Slimming World,
– WW,
– Cambridge Diet,
– still have Noom access as well.

I just never stick to things.

This highlights two things to me:

  1. Losing weight is important to Jeff. He has tried and tried again when he could easily have given up. Many men would have given up.
  2. Jeff is not at fault. Society has told us over and over that the only way to get lean is to diet. You hear time and time again that diets work. You see the success stories. And then you infer that you must have done something wrong when you tried it. And so, you go from one diet to the next.


The problem is not you!

Here’s the thing. All the methods that Jeff has tried have their merits. He could have successfully lost weight and reversed his prediabetes on any of them.

But Jeff has fallen into a trap.


What’s the difference between information gathering and getting results?


Consistent action.

And Jeff has stated ” I just never stick to things”.


Take a leap from information gathering to actually DOING.

Saying ‘I’ll just do it’ will not work, but tracking your habits does work – simply because you know you’re actually changing your habits.

  • TRYING to change your habits does not result in weight loss.
  • PRACTICING your habits does, and for this it is essential to hold yourself accountable and track them.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? That depends how you approach change. If you focus on changing one thing in your life, you’ll be 80% likely to succeed. Focus on two changes? Your chance of success plummets to 30%.

Most diets focus on, you know… about 25 changes all on day one. A complete overhaul!

  • This creates overwhelm.
  • If you haven’t already freaked out and quit, diets often create discomfort – think too much restriction to put up with forever.
  • And if you can cope with restriction, complicated diets often require too much faff and effort to maintain forever.


And what happens if you’re invited out for pizza? Exactly!

So old habits creep back in, and the weight creeps back on.

”Take leap. Jump gap”.

So what happens if you take a new approach?

What would an opposite day look like?

Take a leap and jump the gap between INFORMATION SEEKING and quenching your thirst for knowledge, to HUMBLY PRACTICING THE BASICS, day in, day out, until they become EASY.

Here’s what happens when you do.

I’ve wanted to share this message I received for a long time now. But you know, things crop up. But here it is, and it is a massive reason why I do what I do.


”…I thought you’d like to know weight is still falling off since your plan. 27lbs off in total since the start. I’ve not been this weight for about 15 years. Thanks again for getting me started…”

  • Both of these people are SKILLED and highly SUCCESSFUL people.
  • Both have been information seeking for decades.


The message pictured is from a past client who took an ‘opposite” approach to losing weight and improving health.

And Jeff who messaged me yesterday is about to take the leap and bridge the gap from information seeker, to humble practicer.

And in doing so, in a few months he’ll be sending me a message telling me how he’s lost weight, reversed his prediabetes, he’s never felt so good in 15 years!

If you’re ‘Jeff’, and you want a nudge towards sustained weight loss, improved health and you want to feel better, then message me directly because I am looking for 5 men just like you to start working with me on Monday.

I’m seeking 5 men who want help staying consistent so they can lose 6-12kg in the next 90 days, look and feel more confident, without complicated diets or crazy long workouts!

Message me or apply for men’s coaching here – I am so excited about this programme, it’s a game changer!

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