Do you struggle to lose weight due to a medical problem such as hypothyroidism, age related changes or poor genetics? Maybe you’ve been told all you life that you’re just ‘big boned’ and that you can’t improve.

Maybe you began to believe from a early age that you aren’t fit and now after years you’re finally wondering – should I just give up?

My answer is no – absolutely not – don’t give up.

Think Beyond Weight Loss

I understand this whole weight loss thing is getting you down.

So maybe you should give up on thinking weight loss.

Shift your focus onto being your best self instead. Behaving in line with your beliefs and your goals. Once you do this weight loss will become a welcome side effect.

We all have a certain potential, and whether we are future Olympians, we just want to eat, move and live better, be the best parent or grandparent able to keep up with the family, or just have more focus at work.

Whatever you want to be, it is unlikely you have reached your potential. Very few of us are even close!

  • You might have an underlying health conditions, such as hypothyroidism.
  • Maybe you’re at a certain stage in life and considering taking supplements for the menopause
  • Maybe you’ve been told you’re just big boned and that you’ll never lose weight.
  • Or maybe its something else.


If you feel like this please don’t accept it as a reason not to start working towards what you want to achieve.

Many of my clients arrive with pre-existing health concerns such as these, and after years of going nowhere, when we finally begin to get the desired results that I expect, they are blown away.

My advice is this – don’t accept less than you deserve.

If you are dissatisfied with how you look, feel and your health and energy levels, and you may have been told over again that you are ‘big boned’ or ‘never lose weight because xyz’, please don’t accept it.

Is How You Behave Supportive Of Your Goal?

Think about what you want to achieve. Then think about how you live your life at the moment. Is what you are doing on a daily basis working for you?

If not, and you’re going from one fleeting diet to the next, getting frustrated by slow progress, try shifting your focus on your behaviour instead.

Do your daily habits support your goal?

Think less about weight loss and more about being your best self. What one change could you make that wold move you towards your goal?

In essence do more of the things that support your goal and less of the things that don’t. Ask yourself the question, ”how is this working for me?” and change things one at a time.

You can get results and work towards becoming the best version of yourself even if you’ve been in a rut or a cycle of failing diets for decades.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions.


PS. Changing habits is hard. Taking it slowly one habit at at time helps and in the long run gets better long lasting results. Take some inspiration from Alison here to see how she made some changes stick. You might also like to learn more about weight loss and food skills coaching here.

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