Online coaching allows for a more convenient service that gets better results. Here are some reasons why online personal training is so effective:

You no longer have to go into a gym or a physical location. For some people, gyms are uncomfortable environments, and they aren’t always located conveniently. This applies to nutrition and physio consultations too.

Scheduling is a non-issue. If you work regular hours, booking in with a trainer from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. can be a headache. Additionally, a strict appointment time puts undue pressure on you as a client. It’s frustrating to show up at 6:35 p.m., 5 minutes late for an appointment because of traffic, and miss out on part of your workout that you paid for.

Stronger accountability and support. We are no longer limited to our appointment, I can offer you better support all day, every day – far beyond the limited support I could offer you in a weekly appointment. This has led to better client experience and results.

More cost-effective. In addition to paying a personal trainer for their time, you also pay for gym overheads. You can get better support at a fraction of the price by working with somebody online.

Can now work with the best practitioner for you. With no geographical restrictions, you can now seek out and find ‘the best’ practitioner to work with him or her leading to more trust in the process, better adherence, and better results.

Free client app to track progress: A nice value-add for clients is the ability for them to see stats, track progress, and communicate with their trainer in real-time.

Loved ones can be taken care of. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of variance in our industry and not all personal trainers are good. You can now refer to friends and family who may have had a previous bad experience to a great trainer because the location is no longer a factor.

Please learn more about nutrition coaching here.

I have been working with Nico for the last few months. Nico has managed to push me further than I would ever have done myself and I have found that what I thought were my limits definitely weren’t!

The workouts, cardio and resistance exercises have been very hard work but so rewarding.

Most importantly for me, with Nico’s support and motivation I have not only lost weight and centimeters but have kept it off! Amy

Weight Loss

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