We are in the grip of an inactivity epidemic. A sedentary epeidemic is literally killing us!

How do you rate in the activity stakes? Have a look at this cool graphic to see how inactivity and the sedentary epidemic is literally killing us, and that sitting now accounts for more deaths than smoking!

Today I got up and ate breakfast (seated), then sat in my car (seated) and walked to where I was working about 50m. I then sat down all day except for a few minutes here and there. I then drove home (seated) and sat down at home.

Except for a workout I have spent the entire day seated! Now I consider myself to be an active person, but literally today I have been in the grip of the sedentary epidemic! So here is a graphic I stumbled upon that I thought I’d share…

Don’t be surprised (or insulted) if the next prescription your doctor hands you is for nothing but an exercise regimen.
Globally, 20% of early deaths are preventable with moderate exercise. And for the first time last year, sitting killed 5.3 million people worldwide, more than smoking.
Inactivity is now considered as a full-on pandemic by health officials. Many U.S. doctors are pushing to make a “lack of exercise” a mainstream medical diagnosis.

So if you have fallen victim to the sedentary epidemic and you see yourself with any of the problems described, you can easily do something about it.

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