Running interval training is an effective way to lose weight if done correctly. However after a long day at work this may seem like hard work, and for some, exercise, particularly running often tends to either turn into a slow plod or even skipped all together.

For best fat loss and fitness results from running intervals it is a good idea to do quality runs and avoid plodding all together. This means completing an interval based training session that will burn lots of calories AND help to raise your metabolism post training, so you burn more calories at rest following your workout.

Running Interval Training Workout

1. Warm up with a jog, a few faster ‘pickups’ and some dynamic stretches.

2. Perform 10 seconds fast running with 50sec rest. Repeat x10.

3. Perform 10 seconds MAX effort with 50sec rest. Repeat x10.

4. Cool down jog home and static stretches.

Quick Run, Quick Soup

1. Nutritional soup that is nutrient dense and filling, a good source of fibre and tasty too!

2. Fry onions in a little butter and add garlic.

3. Add chopped pumpkin.

4. Add nutmeg and cinnamon stick.

5. Add stock.

6. Boil the lot until tender.

7. Whizz it up! and add yogurt if you wish.

8. Serve with toasted pumpkin seeds.

Running interval training is the quickest way to get fit and lean. Plus a welcome result performing high intensity running interval training sessions is weight loss and mucle gain. It is easy to get results if you do the right things and quality over volume is key.

You won’t get fit or lean as easily with slow jogs in the park though. Perform high intensity running interval training for best weight loss results – you’ll thank me for it when you get the results!

Enjoy you workout, Nico.

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