There is no such thing a ‘the best diet’.

Many philosophies have their merits. Be careful about creating food rules though, because as soon as you create a ‘rule’, if you go off track you will break it.

This may not be a problem for you, but many people will feel guilt, shame, and failure, and therefore will give up entirely.

As a Precision Nutrition coach, I consider myself to be ‘nutritionally agnostic’. My values of what great nutrition should look like are as follows:

1. You will not have to think about great nutrition.
2. Great nutrition will not come to an end.
3. Great nutrition will properly control energy balance.
4. Great nutrition will provide nutrient density.
5. Great nutrition will provide an improved body composition, health and performance.
6. Great nutrition is honest and outcome-based.
7. Great nutrition is sustainable for you and the planet.

If you want to try one of the gazillion ‘best diets’ out there, go ahead, enjoy the process of learning what works for you, and see what happens. Remember, this doesn’t have to be forever.

How’s your nutrition working for you?

Finally, if you’re a professional who works 50 hour weeks and wants to improve your nutrition, get fit and confident, get in touch and learn more here for more information.

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