Just a quick post about postural assessment today.

Although not limited to athletes, posture and stability is crucial for every day life too.

When I was racing last weekend, I observed so many athletes who had good levels of endurance but it was clear to me that their posture was a limiter to their performance.

Through instability, adaptive shortening and weaknesses in certain areas we can assess our posture in order to make it more efficient for racing.

Not only will this improve your performance, it will make working hard at your limit more comfortable, you will be more efficient and you will be less prone to injury.

Key areas to look at are the pelvis to see if it is tilted in any direction, the spine to establish any hyper kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis. Ankle, knee and hip instability can also be observed and corrective exercises provided.

Look after your spine and posture and avoid all the pain that costs the UK £billions every year. Mainly through either being sedentary, obese, or both.

As a online personal training client you will receive exercise plans that are balanced and will help you to develop good posture.

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