Hello, I’m Nico Valla and I offer online PT to those seeking a convenient and effective way to improve your general fitness or sports performance.

Working remotely means I can work with you wherever you are located.

I can help you if you’re ready to improve your health, fitness and performance, but not sure how or where to begin.

I believe in working professionally, taking personal responsibility and caring about my client’s progress.

Since 2008 I have had the opportunity to work with people who thought they’d tried everything, but finally changed their lives in ways they never thought possible because they took charge of their health & fitness, and started to believe in themselves.

Alongside personal training and nutrition coaching I have a personal interest in endurance sport and have had success in mountain biking, cycling, running and triathlon.

It is my aim to provide the best service possible. To ensure you receive appropriate personal training and exercise advice, I offer the following online PT programmes:

  • Look, feel and perform better
  • Endurance sports training
  • Injury prevention and progression
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Sport specific training

If you’d like to work with a UK based online PT, and discuss how a personal trainer could help you please get in touch below:

Get in touch below:

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I have not had a single migraine since I started… I am sleeping so much better and have found the wonders of the early morning tranquillity and it is amazing… I never thought I would be able to run as I have done, and although I lacked self-confidence I have has the fab support knowledge and company of my PT… But without realising it I have achieved so much.


Personal Training Client

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