Losing weight is possible – even for busy guys. 

Are you seeking a men’s weight loss programme? This is for professional men who want lose 6-12kg and feel more confident in 90 days without complicated diets or crazy time consuming workouts.


Men's weight loss programme

Even if you’re a busy guy and find it difficult to stick to a diet and find it even more challenging when tired or stressed and tend to rely on sugary food and snacks.


Stronger Body And Mind

Even if you were fit in the past but lack focus now and can’t seem to stay consistent. You take too long to recover and feel stiff as a board from your desk job.

Gain Confidence

Even if you experience feelings of self-doubt due to the ever-increasing levels of expectation at work, and you’re totally confused by conflicting nutrition advice.

Manage Stress

Even if you find yourself ‘stress eating’, you’re prone to feeling stressed or depressed, and you want to get back to your previous laid back and happy self.

IT professional Jan, lost 16.75lbs (7.6kg) in his first 10 weeks, without complicated diets or crazy workouts

Tell us a little about your background

23, full time IT student, part time working in IT operations. I have “light” cerebral palsy and a sedatary lifestly with no previous exercises.


What made you decide to work with a nutrition coach?

I gained some weight back during the Covid gurantine times and decided I was looking for something more personal than an app. I was skeptical of an online approach, but open to it and I was really impressed by the initial call.


What results have you achieved since starting the program?

I have lost roughly 7% of my weight in the last 3 months, built quite a few new habits, imrpoved my overall relationship with food and increased my physical activiy. Overall I’d say that with Nico’s help I have taken more action in the last 3 months than the previous year or two.

What do you like best about working with a nutrition coach?

3 things:

  1. The level of personalization,
  2. the imperfect action philosophy (which gets suprisingly good results)
  3. and how to the point everything is

What would you say to someone who is sitting on the fence about joining the program?

Get on a call with Nico. Going through this program can be on your schedule, but it still takes work to change your habits., so schedule your call and see if you are in the right spot, if you are, then absolutely go for it.

Jan K

Goal: lose weight and better relationship with food, Men's Coaching Client

Jan lost 16.75lbs (7.6kg) in his first 10 weeks

Who’s This Men’s Weight Loss Programme For?

Would you like to lose 10kg in the next 90 days?

This men’s workout and diet plan is for sedentary professional man, who’d like to lose 10kg and become more agile in the next 12 weeks. Perhaps you have a young family and would like to be able to participate actively in their life for many years to come.

Do you want to be able to continue with activities like snowboarding, or hiking with your partner, or sports with your kids?

Have you ever felt self-conscious at work, when presenting, or at an event, or just walking past that coworker, when you just felt you wanted to feel confident wearing a slim fit shirt.

You want to look healthy. Not extreme in any way, you’re not out to compete. But you need to be strong in my mind, and that goes together with a healthy body.

You’ve been dabbling with eating right and getting some exercise, but you haven’t gone beyond the dabbling, and your results are only short-lived.

You need a path to follow and accountability.

Business owner Chris lost 10lbs in his first month following the men’s workout and diet plan online

Tell us a little about your background

I’m 46yrs old. Growing up doing Tae kwon Do I won every major tournament in the Junior Category Achieving Black belt 1st Dan at 10yr old and 2nd Dan aged 15. Now I am in my 24th year of owning a Hotel (B&B) business.

What made you decide to work with a nutrition coach?

Think my mind & body was bored with similar routines and pushing my body to the limit with an old head for knowledge.

What results have you achieved since starting the program?

I’ve lost 10lbs in just 3 weeks. It’s great to have new routines to look forward to.

What do you like best about working with a nutrition coach?

The structure is working great for me.

What would you say to someone who is sitting on the fence about joining the program?

Try it for sure and you will not be disappointed. Nico is a fantastic coach. Very knowledgeable and is always there for you. Chris E

Goal: Regain lost fitness, lose stomach fat and get off diet shakes, Men's Coaching Client

Why is getting in shape important to you?

You need to be in a good place, present at work, able to concentrate and communicate well in your relationships. You need to be at your best for your health, your relationships and your career or business.

You understand how much nutrition, exercise and lifestyle affect your body and mind and the state you’re in. The better you are, the better you can be for others and the more satisfied you will be.

You’re not seeking the extreme and have no intentions of doing physique contests or Ironman triathlons, but you are looking to be in a good healthy shape. So that you can be active – surf, run, bike, play fairly effortlessly, and of course feel confident wearing a slim fit shirt.

You’re a successful guy, so why do you need a coach?

You want to return to being your active and laid back self, and you’ve tried it all. You’ve set various running challenges, tried boxing a while back, high intensity workouts, and weights. You tried cross fit for a bit but feel stupid jumping up and down doing squats and burpees, and it was too much of a hassle getting there. You’ve tried yoga, 16:8 fasting, plant based eating and meditation.

Every time you try something, it lasts a little while then work or life spills over and so you don’t have the same time to train anymore, motivation dwindles and you stop.

You’re noticing that fitness takes longer to return each time, and slips away faster each year that passes.

When it comes to eating you really don’t know what to follow. Keto, vegan, paleo whatever it’s all called. You know you probably eat too many treats, snacks, and bread, and not enough veggies.

Now you feel that if you don’t do something actively to get in shape, you’re going to be stiff as a board soon because you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or travelling.

You would love to just enjoy eating healthy and not feel like you’re restricting yourself, confident that you’re following the right path. You need a coach to hold you accountable, and help you stay motivated or re-ignite your motivation if you stumble.

About Your Coach

I help men get lose weight so they look and feel more confident 

Personal support

Hi, I’m your coach, Nico Valla. I’ll be coaching you every step of the way. As well as benefiting from personal support, you’ll be confidently following a proven coaching curriculum with access to lessons, tools and resources and habits.

Focus on building skills that get results

I’ll show you exactly what to focus on in order to reach your goal.  Daily practices build skills that lead to weight loss, improved health, and performance. No matter your current level, we’ll work on the skills that matter to you.

Saves time and get better results

This programme so effective because it’s ‘light touch’ yet results focused. You’re a busy guy so scheduling appointemts with me in person would only add to your stress. My app ensures my clients feel well supported without the time commitment.

Have you got time and motivation for this?

The truth is there will never be a right time to start any goal in your life. Think about it, when will you have a clear run of 12 weeks, uninterrupted, perfect to focus on getting lean, fit and confident? Never.

This men’s weight loss programme is based on taking imperfect action, building habis that are ‘doable’ yet powerful, and working on a minimum effective dose principle. 

You’re right, you don’t have time or inclination for the ‘perfect, nutrition and workout plan’. And if you wait for this you’ll still be were you are today – plus some – in a decade. 

It’s totally understandable why you might think what you need is the perfect plan. After all, society has taught us this. And social media has shown us perfect bodies of fitfluencers and nutrition enthusiasts.

That’s not what you need though. You just want to feel confident in a slim fit shirt. Or be happy to take your shirt off at the swimming pool. Or walk with confidene and energy at work. 

I can help you make significant progress towards your goal in 12 weeks with little time commitment, by developing simple doable habits that you can stick to. In the end I’ll help you get and stay fit, lean and confident. Here’s how:


Daily practices

You’re a bright, capable, sucessful man. You know what you should be doing.  We’ll bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ vs ‘doing’ so you can lose weight and look and feel more confident.


Workouts don’t need to be a source of stress, anxety or humiliation for you. Stress reduction is the key for busy sedentary professionals, so we’ll build movement that works for you in your life.


You’ll develop self regulation and food skills that allow you to enjoy any nutritional setting with confidence. Together we’ll build your confidence food selections without complicated food rules.

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