Live Training: Making Big Goals Into Reality That Lasts

Welcome everyone! Today, we're diving deep into breaking the cycle of frustration and failed goals. It's time to make lasting changes that stick. Are you ready for a transformation? Let's get started!

Are you?

  1. Feeling stuck in a health and fitness rut?
  2. Endless focus on the scale and short-term outcomes?
  3. Repeated cycles of discomfort, frustration, and quitting?

Do you need?

  1. Achieve sustainable, long-lasting results?
  2. Break free from the dieting rollercoaster?
  3. Experience a journey that aligns with personal values and goals?

Here's how:

Step 1: Identify Your Goal:  Set a goal that's authentic and aligned with your values. Why do you want this? Build leverage by understanding your true motivations.
Step 2: Break it Down into Skill Domains: Identify the key skill domains (nutrition, sleep, movement, stress) relevant to your goal.
Step 3: Identify ONE Practice: Break each skill domain into practical daily actions. Choose one practice that will move the needle the most.
Step 4: Pick ONE Action Today: Make this action so easy you cannot fail. Focus on daily progress rather than perfection.


Shift your focus from outcome to process. Build resilience, plan for challenges, and establish bare minimums. This is the key to achieving and maintaining results.


Exciting news! I've crafted the GSPA Action Planning Worksheet to guide you through this transformative journey. Ready to get your hands on it?

Comment "GSPA" or send me a message for your free GSPA Action Planning Worksheet. Let's take this journey together and make your goals a reality!


Spread the word! Share this post, tag friends, and let's help each other break free from the cycle of frustration. Your journey to a happier, healthier you starts now.

Have an amazing day!

Bye! 🚀

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How To Crush Cravings And Feel Happier