Did you ever try dieting and after initial success you ended back where you started?

Maybe you’ve been told or began to accept it’s ”just how you are”. That it’s your genetics, your thyroid, your age, your gender or your situation.

I encourage you to challenge yourself and your beliefs. How much do you think you can improve yourself over the next 12 months?

Maybe you’re currently experiencing guilt surrounding food, or you feel deprived because you always seem to be dieting.

Maybe you’re overweight, or you lack energy, even though you feel like you barely eat.

Maybe you’re lacking confidence in yourself, in your food preparation and when it comes to which piece of conflicting ‘diet’ advice you should be taking.

Maybe you recently skipped a proper meal or declined extra vegetables only to find yourself over-eating later in the day, or thinking incessantly about food, peering into the cupboards or the fridge and in the end opting for unhealthy comfort foods.

Whatever your reason, my mission is to get you a place of confidence, where you know you’re making great lifestyle choices – even without thinking about them.

You’ll feel guilt free, and liberated from restrictive diets of the past. If you really want to become healthy, lean and full of energy this online weight loss coaching programme might be just what you’re looking for.

And if you’re ready to talk please get in touch here and let me know how I can help you further.

What Next?

Nico Valla Nutrition CoachingI can teach you the skills to improve your confidence, feel more energised, lose weight and quit dieting.

Join me

You might be interested in learning about online nutrition coaching where I’ll guide you through an entire curriculum designed to get you away from the diet trap by developing weight loss and food skills – get in touch with me here to get started and to discuss online nutrition coaching.

Joining gives you access to the entire skills coaching curriculum. Everything from pillar habits and the fundamentals, all the way through to supporting habits and advanced nutrition.

Not quite ready to join?

Why not get started with this weight loss cheat sheet below this post – if you’re stuck as to where to start, this resource is a super quick check-box style cheat sheet that will allow you to start building some skills immediately.

In addition, this article on how to lose weight without dieting is a great place to start and covers limiting factors which would be useful for you to understand if you’ve begun to believe that you can’t lose weight or attain the results that you’re looking for.

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