August 18

How To Track Eating Habits


You have a suspecion that habit tracking is a powerful tool in achieving any goal. But exactly how to track eating habits, and why is tracking eating habits so effective?

Tracking habits, be it nutritional, fitness, career focused or even relationships, is fundamental in achieving long term success - in nutrition or any other area of your life where you have a daily practice that you may want to track.

The fact that you're wondering how to track eating habits tells me you know the power of habit tracking, you have a nutrition goal you want to focus on, and that you're onto a winner.

When it comes to achieving any nutrition and fitness goal, is important to know the difference between the outcome goal and the process goal. The process goal LEADS to the outcome goal. I like to say:

If you focus on the result, then nothing will change. If you focus onthe change then results will come.

You may want to track eting habits for any number of reasons:

  • You may want to keep a food log for health reasons
  • You may have a weight loss goal
  • You might want to keep a food diary to track your treats
  • You may want to track alcohol consumption
  • You mighe even want to track intuitive eating habits

So when it comes to tracking eating habits, yes, this is possibly the easiest and most important thing you can do to keep yourself accountable, and to commit to achieving your goal.

If you're wondering how to track eating habits, I recommend you watch the video above where I show you exactly how to do this.

I also highlight to you the important difference between and outcome and a process goal, and why in order to achieve any goal, it is important to focus on the process - the daily practices that you know are supportive of the outcome goal.

The difference between achieving a goal and not, is often in bridging the gapbetween what we ''think'' we are doing and what we are ''actually'' doing consistently.

Using a simple habit tracking sheet is a very powerful and effective way to hold yourself accountable, and commit to consistently adhering to your process goal in orfer to achieve your outcome.

If you're interested in tracking your own daily practices in order to achieve your goals within health and fitness, career or relationships, then the Busy Professional's Fitness Club is a great place to start.

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