Today’s post is all about how to stop snacking at work. Maybe you feel this is something you need to consider because ti is preventing you from reaching your goals.

Many of us have experienced it, turning up to work motivated and with good intentions for the day. Thinking to yourself that you will not give in to temptation, and you will not eat any snacks or treats today. Snacking is not a consideration today!

The day begins well with a healthy breakfast however, soon you get a rumbling in your stomach and you begin to think of snacks you can have. Although only an hour has passed, you feel like its lunch time so you assume it’s nearly lunch time, but alas, on checking the clock your munchies have arrived early.

Struggling to last until lunch you try resisting your cravings but your stomach has other ideas. Thinking of something else does not seem to help, and you have difficulty concentrating on work, thinking incessantly about how hungry you are.

The only thing your mind is thinking about is chocolate and treats. Finally giving in you get drawn to the vending machine and not a single healthy snack is available. With no other option you tell yourself tomorrow will be different, tomorrow you will avoid snacking at work.

Snacking at work is a major factor that adversely affects the progress of slimmers. Snacking isn’t necessarily the problem if your overall calorie needs are not exceeded, but the type of food that is accessible often means many of us snack on poor choices that add to weight gain without satisfaction!

On average we spends £45 on snacks every month. However there are ways you can stop snacking at work. The office does not need to be the place that stops you achieving your weight loss goals.

5 Ways To Stop Snacking:

5. Reduce stress

Stress is a major contributor to why snacking at work is so hard to control. If you can stay relaxed by planning your workload efficiently then it will be easier to say no to those unhealthy snacks.

4. Fruit and nuts

Keeping a supply of fruit and nuts on your desk will give you a healthy alternative to chocolate, cakes and crisps. You won’t even have to leave your desk to get them! Protein rich nuts will also make you feel full, and fibre in fruit will also help with this.

3. Leave your change at home.

This is particularly useful if you have a vending machine at work. No spare change in your pocket means you cannot use the vending machine and no matter how much you want that chocolate bar you cannot have it.

2. Focus on work and remain busy.

Many of us may snack because we are bored. If you can keep yourself busy then you will not even consider snacking. Always ensure you have tasks to do to keep your mind off sweet treats.

1. Protein and fibre

Fibre and protein are excellent appetite suppressants. If food cravings, boredom and snacking is holding your weight loss progress back then including protein based foods and fibre rich foods at every meal may well be a great help.

Fibre rich foods are often nutrient dense and calorie sparse, and so you can eat a large volume of food without actually consuming many calories. Eating these types of foods may help you to feel satisfied at your meal, and so control those snacking at work cravings. Once good habits have been initiated you will be well on your way to success.

Should You Supplement With Fibre Or Protein Shakes?

One effective method to suppress your appetite is to increase your fibre intake. A fibre supplement such as psyllium husks may well help you with this although a first choice would be to focus on real food choices.

Protein supplementation can also be helpful for weight management – appetite management – due to the satiating nature of protein, and the thermal effect of food. In addition, by meeting your protein needs you will be providing your body with the building blocks and raw materials function optimally.

With calories in mind, it can be easy to consume many calories very quickly through ‘liquid’ calories, and I would recommend eating real food sources first, and drinking water or tea.

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If you recognise that snacking is a problem for you, and you feel that snacking at work is holding you back then these next steps may be helpful.

  1. Healthy options and nutrient dense foods are always better choices. If you are snacking, then you might like to try some of these 21 super food options. Rather than diving into the vending machine, try planning ahead, and swap the sweets for a something more satisfying. I don’t mean you need to do this every time, but find something that works for you.
  2. If you are keen to supplement with nutritional supplements such as protein, I have created a super quick guide for you to do an easy self assessment of your nutrition and any supplementation that might benefit you. You can access it here.

I really hope you find some value in these tips. Of course if you want further advice please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Have a great day, Nico.


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