The other week a good friend asked me how to lose weight. She wanted 5 take-away steps to weight loss. So if this is you too, then read on.

How To Lose Weight

Effective weight loss is something that most people seek at some point in their life. The weight loss industry however is based on failure, and relies on fads to keep the customers trying the next big weight loss diet or workout.

The truth is that effective weight loss is simple and once you learn how to lose weight it is just a matter of consistency. Without consistency you will likely get some weight loss results but long-term any initial weight loss will probably be met with a yo-yo like rebound or weight gain.

For effective weight loss it is essential to have a ‘stickable’ plan that is inspiring, and for that reason my top five here not only include diet and exercise, but mental tips too.

Here Are 5 Weight Loss Tips

1. Set an inspiring goal, and write it down, place it around your place of work, home, stick it on the fridge, and read it every day / week. Be SMART about your goals.

2. Balance your fats. Omega 3 is lacking in a western diet, and effective weight loss be much easier if they are in abundance. I don’t mean consume 1g of fish oil weekly however, more like 1g per percent body fat for 2 weeks then 0.5g there after. Reduce omega 6 containing  foods such as processed foods, grains and oils.

3. Focus on nutrients not calories. You have probably been told to count calories in the past, but if you don’t want to be a slave to numbers you will likely get better results with a nutrient dense diet instead. Protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Ditch sugars, processed foods, and grains. A detox would be a great idea too.

4. Perform high intensity interval training to maximise EPOC. Keep your sessions short and intense, and vary what you do. Don’t do what everyone else is doing – plodding and getting bored, and storing fat! Remember you are wondering how to lose weight, and the truth is most people won’t do the correct high intensity interval training because everyone else is doing the cardio in the ‘fat burning zone’. A myth for another article.

5. Drink plenty of water and only water. No juices, soft drinks or energy drinks. No health drinks or teas and coffees, even herbal. Water is the transport system of the body and effective weight loss is assisted not only by nutrients but by fluids too.

So that’s it. You asked how to lose weight, and I bet you never thought it’d be so easy. Just a warning, by following this advice the fat will likely melt away, so if you begin to lose more than 2lbs weekly, then consume more calories. If you lose fat too fast, it will result in a very annoying hormonal change in leptin levels, and you will rebound.

Let me know how you get on, and if this is useful, then share below! Have a great workout!

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