I know – the headline to this post is black and white. But rarely are foods bad for us. More in a continuum from better to worse choices. Always put foods into context and question what you read in the press.

With this in mind, it cannot be denied that we are in the grips of an obesity epidemic. Our population is literally growing. And as a result we have never spent more on health care than we do now. And we have never been less healthy.

So what is the enemy? Watch below to discover one perspective.


Health Effects Of Fructose And Sugar Consumption

Pure White And Deadly


So how does this sweet food have such a bitter effect on our health?

According to John Yurdin, sugar is to blame as a major cause of obesity and heart disease. His research concludes two very important findings.


Firstly that there is no physiological need for sugar, and that all the human body’s needs are fully met without it. And secondly, he claims that if only a fraction of what is known about the effects of sugar was to be revealed about any other food additive it would be promptly banned.


Yurdin’s findings of sugar’s negative effects on health have been corroborated by many other sources including yesterday’s article, this 60 Minutes (below) report and findings by Dr Mercola as well as countless other studies.

Feel free to purchase his book ” Pure, White And Deadly: How sugar is killing us and what we can do to stop it“. You’ll find it on Amazon or your local book shop.

Personal observation with my own clients and my personal health I have observed anecdotal and measured health and physiological changes linked to sugar consumption.


Effects Of Sugar Consumption


fructose overload infographic

Dr Mercola describes the negative effects of various sugar sources in this interesting graphic. Where do you get your sugar intake? And how is your health being affected by it?

If you’d like to read more on sugar and its negative health impacts you can purchase the book from Amazon.


Whether sugar or HFCS is bad for you really depends on you and your situation.


If you’re confused and you feel that you need to put the blinkers on, cut out the noise and just follow some simple and science based advice, then this ultimate nutrition guide will be a great start.

If you want to just get started eating well in 5 minutes or less, then the weight loss cheat sheet below this post is a really quick start for you, that will set you in the right direction.

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