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Lose lbs

Reduce stress

If you feel stressed and experience feelings of self doubt due to the ever increasing levels of expectation both personally and professionally. 

Optimise energy

Maybe you’re always tired, and prone to feeling stressed or depressed more regularly and want to get back to your previous laid back and happy self.

You value health

But you've noticed steady weight gain over the past few years, and each time you try to lose weight you end up gaining it back again.

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The result has been great, through a thorough and progressive programme I have lost bad habits and gain a routine that has allowed me to reach my weight target, feel fitter, and slot in exercise in my daily routine.

Nico was always available for support, advice and to adapt the routine as needed. What makes a difference is the holistic approach of combining healthy eating habits with exercise routines.

As a result I now better understand and appreciate how to naturally appreciate how and when to eat (or not!).

I would highly recommend Nico to anyone needing to build a programme to achieve a target fitness level and wanting to better understand how to make this sustainable over time through changing a few but critical habits.

Thanks Nico!


The most effective and life-changing health experience I’ve had.

With Nico’s help and guidance I’ve improved my mobility, lost weight, redefined my relationship with food and started making the right health and well-being choices. All without pain, or feeling deprived.

His techniques are simple, and it’s all stuff you know already – no special requirements, equipment or fads. Highly recommend.



I have not had a single migraine since I started…

I am sleeping so much better and have found the wonders of the early morning tranquillity and it is amazing…

I never thought I would be able to run as I have done, and although I lacked self-confidence I have had the fab support knowledge and company of my PT… But without realising it I have achieved so much.