Hello! I was browsing the British Heart Foundation website today and thought you might like to see this animation of the human heart in action.

How Does The Heart Work?

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Are We Healthy Getting Healthier? Really?

Heart disease accounts for a huge percentage of deaths in the UK and although the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease or CHD has fallen from 166,000 in 1961 to about 80,000 in 2009 according to the BHF the number of prescriptions for cardiovascular health has exploded from 295000 to 50000000 prescriptions annually over the last 30 years!

Is Inactivity Lining The Pockets Of Big Pharma?

This really is a lucrative industry for the big pharmaceuticals, and according to the BHF’s European Cardiovascular Disease study, much of these prescriptions could be avoided, for the biggest contribution to CHD is inactivity. Inactivity in fact has overtaken smoking as a cause of premature death for the first time this year.

It is becoming more common to prescribe exercise as the best medicine rather than drugs. And on that note, I am slouched here writing this post so I’m off for a workout!

HaveĀ  a great day!


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