Goal setting can be inspiring.

It’ll focus you and inspire you. If it doesn’t inspire you your goal will probably never materialise.

In order to achieve a goal you’ll likely have to work outside of your comfort zone, and to do this you need inspiration. Whether you are motivated by the feeling or reward it brings, or you are driven by the pain of failure.

The bigger and more inspiring your goal is, the better the result for you.

Carrot Motivation And Reward

It is always nice to imagine yourself succeeding. Lets say you are trying to get trim for a wedding and you see yourself in that fancy outfit looking amazing.

Or maybe you want to get lean so you can go on your beach holiday and feel confident to take your top off at the beach.

These are positive reasons to make a change, pursue your goal, and will likely motivate you. What will your reward be of achieving your goal? How will you feel?

Stick Motivation And Pain

Pain – more importantly avoiding pain – is a far more powerful tool to draw on when trying to motivate yourself.

If you can identify some real problems and fears of not succeeding in your goal, when you have a low motivation day, you can draw on these pains and it’ll likely motivate you to do what needs to be done.

Some examples of pain would be ‘if I don’t achieve my goal I will be exactly like this next year, frumpy and fat’. Or maybe more alarming ‘if i don’t lose weight I will likely have a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer pretty soon’.

Sonia’s Inspiring Goal With A Big Pressure

Sonia took on her inspiring goal to complete an Ironman Triathlon.

She raised money for the RNLI and with over £700 in sponsorship money knew that if she did not succeed in her race she would disappoint a lot of sponsors.

She had her own personal goals, both carrot and stick, however the pressure was on!

What was the outcome for Sonia?

She completed her triathlon with grace. As with any goal her journey wasn’t a straight line. She encountered periods of resistance, wondering why she was doing this at times, but she drew on her motivations to complete this event and the result was fantastic.

I hope this inspires you to be inspired to achieve your weight loss or fitness goal. I recommend you visualise and draw on the positives of success and the pain of failure.

Good luck in your goal setting, and have fun!


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