Why do I gain weight so easily?

I hear you. Gaining weight easily is a problem for many people and weight gain seems far easier than weight loss for a certain type of person. If this sounds like you, read on…

Why Does My Body Store Fat?

Are you an endomorph?

An endomorphs is more heavily influenced by the hormone insulin and do not deal well with carbohydrates in the diet.

A slow metabolic rate with low calorie needs and insulin sensitivity makes them more likely to store body fat.

This makes losing weight more of a challenge.

Nutrition planning for endomorphs needs to be considered very carefully for long term success because their physique is generally rounder and with a tendency to store fat.

I Store Fat Easily. How Can I Get The Most From My Body?

If this sounds like you then general training goals probably include weight loss in order to maximise health but also self image.

Your training goals and nutrition plan should reflect your body type for best results. Briefly, considering your physique and parameters such as your fat free mass, your power to weight ratio, and your BMI and how they each affect your performance.

I am not an advocate of being super lean all of the time but if you do have 10kgs of excess body fat, its best to try to shift it.

After all, we all like to look and feel good, be healthy, and life in general is easier if you are a normal body composition.

The link between excessive stomach fat and poor health is a real problem too so it is a good idea to lose stomach fat.

Focus On The Right Things

Consistency is important. Working towards your goals consistently will yield the best results. Don’t major in the monor or wait for things to be perfect to take action. Take imperfect action consistently because this will get you results.

You should not concern yourself with factors such as your height as they are beyond your control. However, if you do have a poor posture you might gain an inch or two by addressing excessive spinal curvature!

This being said ensuring good technique through postural training will certainly be advantageous in terms of injury prevention – and consistency.

As an aside – did you know that back pain in sedentary adults costs the UK billions of pounds each year? Keep your spine in great shape with postural exercises and you’ll feel the benefits. Also, a major risk-factor to osteoarthritis in the knees is obesity.

If you gain weight easily and you are struggling to lose weight effectively or reach your ideal weight you will be at risk of osteo-arthritis. Take the advice from these pages and see the extra weight melt away.

Here’s What To Do If You Gain Weight Easily

Q. Why do I gain weight so easily?

A. Possibly because you’re an ectomorph.

Q. How can I lose weight if I gain it so easily?

A. Here are seven tips.

  1. Limit starchy carbohydrates, sugar and high GI foods
  2. Perform high intensity interval training
  3. Perform resistance exercises
  4. Perform compound exercises
  5. Keep your sessions short and intense
  6. Create a calorie deficit to lose weight
  7. Focus on nutrients


Next Steps

If you follow these seven tips to weight loss for people who gain weight easily you will lose weight. Weight loss is not rocket science, it just requires that you do the right things. Consistency is king when it comes to weight loss – or any goal – so be consistent and you will win!

If you’re struggling to lose weight you might appreciate this in depth article about how to lose weight without dieting.

If you are looking for more support with your weight loss and health goals then you might also be interested in learning weight loss skills. This is the anti-diet. I’ll take you away from diets by teaching you food and lifestyle SKILLS that empower you to be free from restrictive diets. If you’re interested you can learn more about One Habit Nutrition here.

I’d love to hear how you get on so let me know, and if you feel a friend would benefit from these tips, please do share with them.

Happy training. Nico.

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