Have you ever wondered how to lose weight? Have you ever lost a little bit of weight only to put it all back on a few weeks down the line? It could be because you are focusing on the wrong things. Read on to find out why…

Counting Calories To Lose Weight

If your goal is effective weight loss, you may have done your research and discovered how to count calories.After all, your body is like a bank account and if you put in more than you spend, it will expand. If you eat an excess of calories, you will put on weight.

An ideal calorie count would be to create a deficit of 500kcal daily to result in 1lb weekly of weight loss.

Consider Emotional Eating

However, if this has not worked for you in the past, you may want to focus on another aspect of weight loss nutrition. According to Seeboahr (2010) you might be wise to free yourself from counting calories, being a slave to numbers, and shifting your thinking and eating to emotion.

Having an awareness of why you are eating may well be helpful for long term and effective weight loss, and could make relapse less likely because you will be building habits and increasing your emotional awareness. Have a look at my previous article on emotional eating.

Detox V Diet

If you have been reading my articles you will probably be aware of my method to lose weight including a detox stage. This stage is forgotten by most slimmers, either because they consider a detox to be kind of gimmicky, or because they are not aware of how or what a detox is.

The truth is we are bombarded with toxins from the world we live in and this is making us fat, and keeping us fat.

Our body is very clever and tries to protect us from these toxins by storing them in a fat layer in our cells. Each cell in our body contains protective fat, and as a means to protect the body toxins will be held out of harms way and in storage.

These toxins accumulate over time, and as a result we get fatter, storing more fat so we can store more toxins. If we lose weight (fat) through exercise it can increase the concentration of toxins we hold. As a response to this, it is common to rebound and begin storing more fat in an attempt to dilute the the toxins.

Where do toxins come from? They accumulate in the food chain, home cleaning and toiletries, makeup, pollution from industry and agriculture, and even stress and electromagnetic influence from modern lives.

So to detox for at least 14 days at the beginning of your programme, you would be wise to eliminate all toxins from the body, and halt their ingestion.

Eliminate the following toxins:

  • caffeine
  • sugar
  • processed foods of any kind
  • wheat and gluten
  • dairy
  • use natural toxin free cleaning products and personal care products

Filter your water or drink clean water, and ensure your urine is pale straw colour and that you urinate every 2-3 hours. Water is essential!

Nutrient Dense V Calorie Dense

By following the above advice you will likely be consuming a calorie sparse and nutrient dense diet.

Your body needs an abundant supply of good fats and protein and limited low GI carbohydrates, along with a bunch of vitamins and minerals.

This is accomplished by ensuring a complete protein source with your meal, and surround it with vegetables. LOTS of vegetables! You need over 100 nutrients daily and by having a fresh nutrient rich intake of food you will be making a great start. In addition you’d do well to supplement with a good multivitamin and mineral supplement and a fish oil supplement.

Next Steps To Effective Weight Loss And Health

  1. 14 days detox – eliminate toxins – grab your plan in the side-bar
  2. consume a nutrient rich diet
  3. perform high intensity interval training, short training sessions, and resistance exercise
  4. supplement multivitamin and omega 3

I am confident you will get amazing weight loss and health results if you follow this advice. If you want to know more about nutrition coaching or online personal training grab your weight loss cheat sheet below.

I’d love to know how you get on! Let me know below, ask your questions, and share with friends if you think they’d find it useful. Good luck!


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