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Core Values


Making personal training professional and providing a client led, outcome based service. Taking responsibility for my client progress and delivering results. Providing impartial advice, not influenced by fashion or finance but by outcome.

Inclusive – Accessible To All

You can change your story – forget what you’ve been told in the past. Maybe you were told that you’re not good enough for the team, so were left out on the side lines. Maybe you have a health condition. Maybe you hate exercise or feel silly trying. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve. That’s not a reason not to pursue your potential. You can get better no matter you background. I will help you.

I Care

About you.
About your progress.
About your experience.

Take Personal Responsibility

Notice what you’re doing, and ask is this working for me? Great nutrition is honest and outcome based, so if what you’re doing isn’t working for you, then consider what you could change to make things work. Taking action results in motivation and not the other way around.


You will not have to think about great nutrition and lifestyle – it will become natural, a way of life, automatic. I don’t promote a ‘diet’ that you stick to and it will not come to an end. I’ll help you find a sustainable balance for yourself and the environment, and what is best for one is probably best for the other.

You Cannot Fail – Only Learn

What would you do if you know you could not fail? Learning is uncomfortable, but that’s okay. Make mistakes, wipe the slate clean and keep going. I’ll help you value more than just weight loss with a focus on health and performance in everything we do.


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