12 Week Habit Based Weight Loss Coaching! 

  • 12 weeks of support and accountability weight loss coaching.
  • Simple effective daily habits thar don’t require special foods or dieting.
  • Learn weight loss skills for long term success.
  • Access support through the app, mobile device or computer.


The price for the programme is 3 monthly payments of £47. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. 

Step 1. Set up your account

Step 2. Complete the payment

Step 3. Access your coaching account and prepare for the programme to begin on Monday.

This coaching programme is not for everyone, but is for you if you want to:

Lose weight and have more confidence even if you have always found it difficult to stick to a diet.

Have more energy even if you are constantly tired and relying more often on convenience food.

Find time to be healthy, even if you have little time for eating well.

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The most effective and life-changing health experience I’ve had. With Nico’s help and guidance I’ve improved my mobility, lost weight, redefined my relationship with food and started making the right health and well-being choices. All without pain, or feeling deprived. His techniques are simple, and it’s all stuff you know already – no special requirements, equipment or fads. Highly recommend.


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