Do you ever wish you were a cat?

My two (pictured) end up spending the whole day curled up on the sofa while we humans have to get up and haul ourselves out to work!

Like us, they sometimes spend the day chasing their tail.

Unlike us though, my cats have no chores, work, or lack of ‘me time’. In fact heir whole day is ‘me time. They dote on themselves all day, and then get doted on when we get home.

It’s such hard work they must really build up an appetite.

Seriously – when I get home, my cats rush to their bowl.

Like all of us, they have triggers, habits and rewards.

They hear the door go, run to the bowl, and gets some crunchies.

Similarly our days are filled with triggers, habits and rewards.

What’s important is that your habits are supportive of your goal and in line with your values.

What triggers, habits and rewards have you noticed in your day?

Take a look at them, decide if they support who you want to be, and if they don’t could you rewrite your day so that you have more supportive habits in your day, and less of the hindering habits?

Learn how to create awesome habits here and of course if you need any help with the activity please get in touch.


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