Would you like to lose stomach fat and experience effective weight loss? It is one of those hard to reach problem areas that many struggle with. Not only that, excess fat around your middle can be a risk factor of many heart disease too!

Effective weight loss and getting rid of stomach fat is actually quite simple if approached correctly. Problems people have with effective weight loss happen because of the many myths surrounding losing weight.

Stomach fat loss grabs the headlines on a regular basis and it is a topic that has seen a massive surge in myths. Many of the misconceptions out there are as a result of the false advertising and empty promises of rip off weight loss devices and supplements. Effective weight loss is easy if you know how.

Unfortunately there is a huge health risk associated with having excess body fat especially stomach fat. It is not just a matter of self perception, body image or self-confidence. Being over weight, and more importantly storing body fat around your middle is literally killing the you.

Why is fat stored around our stomach such a big issue? Excess abdominal fat is closely linked to coronary heart disease, diabetes and other obesity associated morbidity. The ratio of waist to hip, calculated as the circumference of the waist divided by that of the hip, is also a good indicator of health. If you are concerned about your health, this is an easy measure. A waist to hip ratio of over 0.9 is suggested to be unhealthy.

Want Less Stomach Fat?

    1. Avoid Cortisol! Eat every 3-4 hours to keep your body from producing stress hormones. Avoid carbohydrates from sugar and grains (bread) and go for lean proteins, colourful fruit and vegetables that have more nutrients.
    2. Drink water not pop – and lots of it as this is a product present in all actions inside your body. Without it our metabolism will not use fuels properly. Also your digestion will benefit.
    3. Eat fiber – fruit, vegetables, beans, pulses. These absorb fat and bile (from eating too much saturated fat) and will keep you fuller – longer.
    4. Avoid insulin caused by sugar – If you have to have sugar keep it around exercise times.
    5. High intensity training is the best for effective weight loss! Sorry, but plodding on the treadmill at a leisurely pace will not remove your tummy fat. In fact it is going to result in cortisol in the body (point 1) and store more fat around the tummy. Go and do dome squats, lunges and burpees, and whatever you do, don’t rely on crunches – they are not effective for tummy-fat burning. If you need help getting started with exercise seek the help of a personal trainer.


If you would like to get ripped or know the best way to tone up but are struggling to get started, have limited results and certainly have not experienced effective weight loss so far, there are a lot of tips my blog.

If you are looking for effective workouts and exercise plans for fat loss, this is different to rapid weight loss because if the loss is too rapid it often results in a ‘yo-yo’ effect, and it is much wiser to lose 1 to 2lbs of weight gradually over time. Do not be drawn in to over hyped marketing, and stick to time-tested, medically approved and above all safe methods of effective weight loss for health for life.

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