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Do Low Carb Diets Work?

Do low carb diets work? That depends. Improved health and weight loss goals are largely accomplished in the kitchen. Depending on your current eating and lifestyle habits, and the results you are getting, you might want to consider making some food swaps surrounding...

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Fear Of Fat – Is Fat Really The Enemy?

Is fat healthy? Fat has been subjected to so much bad press over the last few decades that it now has a reputation that is difficult to shift. Clients are always telling me that they have a healthy diet because they avoid fat, consuming low fat or fat free options. So...

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Negative Calorie Foods Are A Myth [Video]

This video is a bit of fun. I made it whilst out walking on a really nice Sunday with my wife and son. In it I illustrate that negative calorie foods are a myth, and how to create a negative calorie balance by foraging for calorie sparse foods, that as it happens, are...

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Benefits Of Interval Training For Weight Loss

Today I show you the benefits of interval training for weight loss. Inspired by this morning's workout with Debbie who's exercise plans have taken her through an interval training and a complex training session. I hope this inspires you too! In my previous article on...

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How To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau

Have you ever wondered how to overcome a weight loss plateau? I've written today's post in response to some questions I was asked by a client of mine. His big goal is to lose body fat and so far he has lost 12kg in mass, much of which is fat loss since he has gained...

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Self Sabotage – Are You Aware Of It Holding You Back?

Is self sabotage holding you back? Preventing you from achieving your dreams in any aspect of your life? Sport psychology is a massive area and one that I am increasingly becoming aware of. One phenomena of sports psychology, and psychology of any aspect of our lives...

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Eat With Emotion And Instinct

Emotional eating is a very real thing for many of us. I find myself emotionally eating. After all I love food, and I eat for reasons other than hunger at times. I especially love the foods that I get to eat on social occasions - like on my wedding day. When I think...

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Squats And Why You Should DoThem

Squats are one of the best exercises to do for a number of goals. If you want an improvement in at least one aspect of your life, squats can probably help. So why should you do squats? Firstly ask yourself, are you 100% happy with your fitness and health? I’ll take a...

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Best Exercise For Fat burning – What Really Works?

What is the best exercise for fat burning and how is it useful for weight loss? The phrase often used by slimmers is fat burning which refers to the ability of the body to oxidise (or burn) fat, and thus to use fat – instead of carbohydrate – as a fuel. Fat burning is...

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5 Steps To Your Best Weight Loss Results Through Nutrition

I am often being asked about which supplements are best to take to lose weight. My response is variable depending on what the persons goal is, what point they are at within the health and fitness cycle, and whether their nutritional intake from real food is being met....

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Omega 3 For Health AND Fitness

Omega 3 supplements are big business, but should you be taking them? The multi-million dollar supplements industry is always offering us promises of health benefits and rapid fat loss or significant improvements in performance. Large supplement companies have massive...

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Benefits Of Probiotic Supplements

You may have heard about the benefits of probiotic supplements, and if you want a better immune system then you might want to consider supplementing with probiotics which have been shown to be beneficial to health and are largely forgotten about. Natural probiotic...

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Want To Lose Weight? Then Train Your Body To Use Fat!

If you want to lose body fat then it is a good idea to train your body to use fat as fuel, and in doing so your fuel stores – or fat stores – will be depleted. Consider that the energy we should use to fuel our sedentary lives is primarily from fat, providing long...

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Ideal Fruit To Vegetable Ratio For Weight Loss And Health

When it comes to eating fruit for weight loss the answer may not be as clear cut as some sources suggest. In this article I hope to help you decide whether you should be eating fruit to help you achieve your weight loss, health and performance goals. We'll take a look...

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Benefits Of High Intensity Workouts

High intensity workouts result in excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) - an increased rate of oxygen intake following intense exercise. Post exercise the body goes into a state of recovery where, oxygen is used to restore the body to a resting state -...

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Benefits Of Massage Therapy

If you work out regularly or you've started a new training programme you will benefit from massage therapy. Today a guest article on the benefits of massage therapy.   Benefits of Massage Therapy By Dr Sonia Povey, Physiotherapist and SMT   Massage Therapy...

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High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Poison

I know - the headline to this post is black and white. But rarely are foods bad for us. More in a continuum from better to worse choices. Always put foods into context and question what you read in the press. With this in mind, it cannot be denied that we are in the...

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Do You Want To Lose Weight More Easily?

Do you want to lose weight more easily with nutrition and exercise? Today I want to address important nutritional factors that affect weight loss and workout recovery. Before I begin, it goes without saying that following high intensity weight loss exercise plans is...

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Effective Weight Loss Training

Misconceptions surrounding effective weight loss training are common. Unfortunately there is so much poor contradictory guidance that many people just don't know where to begin. Others are misled into trying miracle, rapid or quick-fix fads that bare limited results....

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