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Effective Weight Loss Training

Misconceptions surrounding effective weight loss training are common. Unfortunately there is so much poor contradictory guidance that many people just don't know where to begin. Others are misled into trying miracle, rapid or quick-fix fads that bare limited results....

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Beat Stomach Fat

Would you like to lose stomach fat and experience effective weight loss? It is one of those hard to reach problem areas that many struggle with. Not only that, excess fat around your middle can be a risk factor of many heart disease too! Effective weight loss and...

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Postural Assessment

Just a quick post about postural assessment today. Although not limited to athletes, posture and stability is crucial for every day life too. When I was racing last weekend, I observed so many athletes who had good levels of endurance but it was clear to me that their...

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Borg Scale And Rating Of Perceived Exertion

RPE, the Borg Scale or Rating of Perceived Exertion is a very useful tool that requires no fancy gadgets and is not affected by external factors. It helps us to pace ourselves and train at the right intensity for effective weight loss or fitness. The RPE scale is used...

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Benefits Of Online PT

Online PT and remote coaching is an effective way to get guidance, education and motivation and ultimately reach your goal. We all need assistance in some aspect of our lives and there is nothing wrong with seeking advice and support in an area of your life that you...

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High Intensity Interval Workouts Save Time

High intensity interval training is the antidote to the 'no time' excuse that many of us have to skip a workout. If you'd like to get fitter, lose weight there is no way around it but to live in line with this goal. Saying this, in my experience the 'lack of time' is...

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PHA Workouts For Fitness And Effective Weight Loss

Can PHA high intensity workouts help with weight loss and fitness? Weight loss and improvements in performance can only continue if you make your workouts specific to your goal using the SAID principle and if you mix them up using the FITT principle. Read on to find...

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Don’t Make This Common Weight-Loss Mistake

Don't be tricked into thinking effective weight loss can be achieved by gimmicks found in the gym. Gyms are packed with fancy kit and miracle claims of weight loss and toning, but rarely do they work. So read on to find out what does work and avoid this one simple...

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Short High Intensity Workouts To Melt Fat And Save Time!

Most of us have used the 'no time' excuse to skip a workout. I'm thinking you'd like to lose weight and save time so read on to discover how short high intensity workouts are the key. Short high intensity workouts may include high intensity interval training and full...

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How To Lose Weight In 5 Steps

The other week a good friend asked me how to lose weight. She wanted 5 take-away steps to weight loss. So if this is you too, then read on. How To Lose Weight Effective weight loss is something that most people seek at some point in their life. The weight loss...

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Exercise From Home – 3 Low Faff Workouts You Can Do

Today I want to share with you my top 3 ways to exercise from home. Why? Because I want to show you that you don't need any equipment for a full-body fat-melting effective workout, and that if you put the excuses to one side you can get super-fit, super-lean and...

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