Weight Loss Coaching Online - Client KarenI’m 54 and no matter what I try I just can’t lose weight.

Let me start by reassuring you that you’re not alone. Over the years many women (and men) between the ages of 45 to 60 have approached me, frustrated because they just can’t lose weight and have tried everything!

I understand why you might feel like this. Weight loss is a frustrating game.

Maybe you’ve tried dieting and after initial success you’ve ended back where you started. Or you’ve been told or have begun to accept ‘it’s just how you are’. That it’s your genetics, your thyroid, your age, your gender or your situation.

What’s Holding You Back?

Could it be…

  • Your genetics
  • Your physiology such as a thyroid condition
  • Your age for example approaching the menopause
  • Cultural or lifestyle expectations

If so it would be a mistake not to try reaching your potential anyway. Very few of us are actually nearing our potential and I encourage you to challenge yourself and your beliefs. How much do you think you can improve yourself over the next 12 months?

What’s Your Situation?

Maybe you’re currently experiencing guilt surrounding food, or you feel deprived because you always seem to be dieting.

Maybe you’re relying solely on supplements to lose weight.

Maybe you’re overweight, or you lack energy, even though you feel like you barely eat.

Maybe you’re lacking confidence in yourself, in your food preparation and when it comes to which piece of conflicting ‘diet’ advice you should be taking.

Maybe you recently skipped a proper meal or declined extra vegetables only to find yourself over-eating later in the day, or thinking incessantly about food, peering into the cupboards or the fridge and in the end opting for unhealthy comfort foods.

Whatever your situation, it is my mission is to help you get you a place of confidence, improved health and energy, where you know you’re making great lifestyle choices – even without thinking about them.

What could you do today that would move you towards your health and fitness goals?

Have a think about it and let me know if you need any help – what are your biggest health and fitness concerns? I’d love to her back from you – you can contact me and let me know.

Learning food skills will allow you to stop worrying about food and eat guilt free – liberated from restrictive diets of the past. If you really want to become healthy, lean and full of energy you might want to read my personal training blog or learn more about nutrition coaching consultation. If you’re ready you might like to learn more about my online personal training and weight loss coaching programmes.

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