effective-weightloss-trainingDo you want to know how to lose weight and get fitter?

You are not alone, and the number one reason people give up on their goal is lack of results.

Think about it for a minute.

Do you go to the gym after a hard day at work because you love it? Or do you go because you want to get effective weight loss or fitness results?

80% of people exercise or use the gym for one thing – weight loss.

Unfortunately approximately 99% of those people will give up on their goals, not because they aren’t committed, but because they don’t get results.

Imagine, you start your new workout routine with enthusiasm, you exercise 5 days weekly, and you eat well too. You are committed to losing weight, and you see results!

Things are going well, you feel good, its not too boring, you’re slimming down in the mid section, the scales are saying good things, you’ve had to buckle up your belt one more notch.

Unfortunately however, 3-4 weeks into your new regime and progress slows. Your weight loss slows, your fitness improvements slow, you might even gain weight!

Most Slimmers Fail To Lose Weight In The Long Term

Most slimmers who are looking for effective weight loss and who embark on the latest diet, weight loss routine, or group exercise class relapse and give up after just weeks.

This extremely frustrating phenomenon keeps the weight loss industry in business.

The weight loss industry thrives on failure.

It thrives on slimmers going from one weight loss method to the next because the previous method failed.

Permanent weight loss is not a mirage on the horizon that cannot be reached. In fact it is very easy to lose weight effectively if you do it correctly.

I see this a lot!

I see people eagerly starting their weight loss journey, only to quit weeks later. I observe gyms and health club chains recruiting 300+ new members per month, month in, month out even though their capacity is 4000 members, illustrating the fact that most of the members will use the club for a matter of weeks, then give up.

With the members being tied-in to a year-long gym membership, the club doesn’t care, and knows statistically you’ll only use the facility periodically, yet pay for it monthly – 12x £40 = £480 annually, and for what?

Does this sound like you? It’s not your fault if this resonates with you. It’s just a very frustrating cycle that you and many other people are caught in.

The great news is that you can keep getting weight loss results.

You can keep getting fitter. You can reach your goals. And the best thing, is that it wont take you hours each day, you don’t need to pay for a gym membership you never use, and it can even be fun!

How To Lose Weight

For me, getting results keeps my clients happy and my good reputation.

I want you to get the results you really want.

It’s not rocket science, but you do have to do the right things to lose weight. Effective weight loss can be achieved with fitness and health with little or no equipment. If you’d rather exercise from home then this is possible. Its not the gym that gets you lean, fit and toned. Its what you do in it.

It’s not rocket science, but you do have to do the right things to lose weight.

5 Way To Effective Weight Loss, Fitness And Health

So here are 5 ways to get the weight loss and fitness results to start with, and to keep them coming week in, week out, until you reach your goal.

1. Define success and have reasonable expectations
2. Log your progress and hold yourself accountable
3. Change your sessions regularly to keep getting results
4. Ensure you don’t starve yourself
5. Keep your sessions short

Define success – set your goals and make them SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound targets are important. You’ll never know if you have achieved success unless you define it first. Be realistic, but don’t be afraid to set a goal that excites you!

Log your progress, and reward success. Reward yourself when you reach a mini goal. Imagine your 1 month goal of your 3 month plan. Its very important to make your reward something that will promote your health or fitness goal though. Don’t make it a sugary treat! Make it congruent with your goal. Get a nice piece of sports kit, a massage or spa treatment, or a holiday once you achieve your ‘beach-body’.

Change your sessions regularly. Just adding more and more and more exercise when you see your weight loss rate slow down will not get you better results. The opposite will occur in fact, and you will likely get so bored and monotony will creep in, as well as feeling deflated that you will give up – relapse. Use the SAID principle, and the FITT principle to spice up your workouts and keep on losing weight, inches…

Ensure you don’t starve yourself. Work out your daily calorie-needs and ensure a moderate calorie deficit of maximum 500kcal daily. This should result in a 1lb weekly fat loss. Lose weight in excess of 2lbs weekly and you will rebound due to a hormone called leptin that is extremely closely linked to fat levels in the body.

Keep your sessions short, and ensure your take advantage of EPOC calories by performing short high intensity interval training sessions, and resistance training sessions including compound exercises for best results. Don’t be scared of pushing weights ladies – you won’t get bulky because you have FAR too much oestrogen in your body, but you WILL benefit from so many health benefits of resistance exercise, not least increased bone density.

If you follow this advice you will kick the cycle of failure in the fitness industry. You will get weight loss and fitness results from the gym membership you pay for, and if you choose to exercise from home you will get results too. For free!

I think gym memberships are great if you get results and you enjoy using the gym. It gives you a place to train, a nice environment to workout in, and you can meet people too. Just do the right things when you are there and it’ll be a great investment in your health.

I personally like to train at home, at the park, and in the gym where I can access Olympic bars. You can reach your weight loss goals wherever you train though, and with little, if any equipment.

I hope this helps you achieve improved health, weight loss and fitness. Let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions let me know below. I’m off for a body weight workout now, at home, and it’ll take 20mins. It’ll be tough, but then it’ll be effective too!

Happy training, Nico.

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