You’re an independent successful and hard working guy, so why would you need a men’s weight loss or diet plan to follow?

After all, diets are for women, right?

You know what to do to get into great shape easily. You just haven’t had the time to… oh, yes, I get it.

After speaking with many of my men’s weight loss coaching clients about this, and being a man myself, I have come to understand that no matter how successful we are in certain aspects of our lives, we all need support in others.

You probably kick my backside when it comes to your professional skills for example.

For that reason I have sought out support for my own business. I pay for a mentor to guide me and keep me on track, because having eaten a massive slice of humble pie, I realise I am sh*t at business.

I pay for an accountant and software for the same reasons. I desperately need – and benefit greatly – from support in these areas. 

In the early days I used to get into a right mess with numbers and have no confidence with business.

Now, with guidance, support and accountability, I am much more consistent, more confident and save time.

If a friend of yours was struggling, what would you suggest? You’d (perhaps tactfully) suggest getting some help, right?


  • Life getting the better of them – seek a life coach or counsellor. 
  • Marriage issues – seek marriage guidance.
  • Tooth ache – get a home dentistry kit… er no, book a dentist appointment.
  • Selling a house – outsource the finer details to a conveyancer and solicitors


So, when it comes to health and fitness, this is no different. 

Embrace your weaknesses and get help.

It’s a strength be be able to understand and seek support where you need it.

It is brave to notice that in the past decade you have not made consistent progress towards your health and fitness goals, and in reality nothing’s going to change – be honest and humble about this.

But you’re a capable guy, you just need the time.

You’re waiting for the perfect time, but there will always be something stopping you. Meanwhile your stomach frowns over your belt line, and you notice ever more creaks and groans.

Come on, you use experts in other areas in your life, so what would getting nutrition and lifestyle support get mean to you?

How would your health, relationships and career be affected if you took the plunge to get help and feel fit, confident and agile?

Would it be worth it?

In 90 days you can make a huge leap towards your ultimate goal. Lose 6-12 kg, get much fitter, feel confident wearing that shirt at work. Easily keeping up with the kids or grand kids, and knowing you’re prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

So, in case you’re still wondering, here are 5 reasons you need a men’s weight loss diet plan:


  1. Knowing vs Doing. You know what to do, and having a coach helps you do what you know you should be doing. Saying ‘I’ll just do xyz’ doesn’t result in anything. Not beyond the first day, or possibly a week or so until work spills over. 
  2. Motivation. Keeping the goal in mind, and the deeper motivation behind it is important. So is seeing progress. Motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic, can dwindle. A plan to follow, knowing you’re going the right direction, and looking back at your progress can be a huge motivator. 
  3. Accountability. As stated above, knowing vs doing. A great coach can hold you accountable to you actually do what you say you will. It isn’t about berating you if you get it wrong. It is about helping you make changes you can do, so you start with success. Imagine going from failing at fitness for years, to suddenly getting it right. A small initial step can lead to another, and before you know it you’re there! 
  4. Results – Assessing vs Guessing. Unless you track your progress, you have no way to know you’re making progress. If you know you aren’t making progress, you can make outcome based decisions to ensure you start progressing. If you know you are progressing, awesome, keep doing what’s working.
  5. Progress. Why struggle, pause, go all or nothing, gradually gain weight for years, when you can make progress with a plan and a coach? Need I say more?


Okay, I hope this post helped you identify that as a successful guy, it is okay to ask for help in areas you struggle in. You’re welcome to ask me for help if you think I can help.

Just so you know, I’m looking for 2 sedentary professional men who want to lose 10kg and re-ignite lost fitness so they can look and feel confident in the next 90 days.

I am looking for men who want to:

– Lose 10kg so they can look and feel more confident wearing a slim fit shirt.
– Get fit and agile so they can keep up with friends / their kids.
– Get a healthy body and mind so they can be focused and alert.
– Want to move well and avoid becoming as stiff as a board.

Spots are extremely limited – I’m only looking for 2 men who are ready to make a change today.

If this is you, please learn more about my men’s weight loss programme or get in touch via my website.

Have a great day!

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